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Spiritual Perspectives Radio Interview

Spiritual Perspectives Radio Interview


On 13 September, Liane Legey & Christopher Buck joined Sara Vitale & Dawn Katzin of Spiritual Perspectives Radio for what was a very fun interview.  Our Gratitude to Sara and Dawn for the opportunity to share Humanity Healing with their listeners.

Join Angel Boy Art's Sara Vitale and Soulgineering's Dawn Katzin as we welcome you to a very special and informative two hour Spiritual Perspectives with special guests, Humanity Healing founders Liane Legey and Christopher Buck to this week’s Spiritual Perspectives. Liane and Chris are going help us understand some of the tools available to help us on our spiritual journeysincluding the Akashic Records, Sacred Contracts, Angelic Humans and the role of Kharma and Dharma in our lives.

Spiritual Perspectives Radio Interview 2011 09 13

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