What is Karmic Love?

Every emotional and passionate bond that involves the feelings of desire, fear, jealousy, dependency and or addiction developed during an incarnation is karmic love in nature.

It is amazing how the vast majority of people still believe that another being can provide you with the much dreamed of happiness.

All the associations that we find at our emotional level are mostly due to old unhealed wounds in other periods of our lives and even from other lifetimes. A "Karmic reunion" tends to be a result of a prearranged agreement before reincarnating to resolve long emotional conflicts that were extended over the period of many lives.

These karmic love encounters can include all relationships in general among members of the same family, love partners, and social levels.

The re-encounter among souls tends to wake up old wounds, conflicts and behavioral roles that were registered in their consciousness, and each one of the people involved is usually experiencing the same emotional and karmic patterns from their old roles in previous incarnations.

The experience of successive karmic relationships in one's life may introduce the soul into a state of grief and physical/emotional disabilities that reflect that which the soul seeks to correct.

A sick body may reflect a sick soul. Diseases and misfortunes of every kind weigh down the path of those who creep through successive lives with heavy Karmic burdens. The soul must evolve because, ultimately, their essence is light.

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