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House of Counsel

Welcome to the House of Counsel!  This House focuses on Crisis Management, Spiritual Counseling and Life Path Direction. There are obstacles that arise in everyone’s lives. We encourage those who have faced challenges to help others facing similar ones. The philosophy of the “wounded healer” helping to heal others is at the core of our philosophy.  This House is a ... Read More »

Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention

In every life there are times when events seem to spiral out of control, when you feel like you cannot cope with the pain associated with these events. These may be the break-up of a relationship, the fear of not being able to provide for loved ones because of a traumatic event such as losing one’s job or home, a ... Read More »

The Beaten Heart

The Beaten Heart Beloved Benevolent Beings and Most Holy One… We pray for our beloved kin; our family, our friends, our children, our neighbors. In all of our times of greatest need, when pain threatens to overwhelm us and feels as vast and unfathomable as the oceans themselves, We ask you to please protect those who suffer silently, ashamed needlessly. ... Read More »