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Guidelines When Performing Lunar Rituals, Part 2


Guidelines for Lunar Rituals 2 Note:  This article is reserved for University Members. “We lack rituals in this modern world.” ~Elizabeth McGovern  Continuing on the topic of lunar rituals, some precepts are necessary to assure the right creation and projections of the ceremonial rite.  How to write and perform a ritual There are many details one should pay attention to ... Read More »

Guidelines When Performing Lunar Rituals, Part 1


Guidelines for Lunar Rituals 1 The moon, like the sun, is considered astrologically to be one of the earth’s luminaries, and illuminates our planet with the indirect light reflected from the sun. However, the moon is the only satellite of the Earth and, as such, is the celestial body that is closer to our planet. Approximately every 27 days, the ... Read More »

The Mysteries of Christianity Part IV


The Hymn of Jesus and the Esoteric Tradition Jesus Christ, as a hierophant of ancient mysteries, constituted some secret rituals, the strict focus of which was in the training and expansion of consciousness of his disciples.  These went beyond the ritual of Baptism and Eucharist: “While they were eating, Jesus took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke ... Read More »

Rituals and Spiritual Practices of Mystical Christianity II


The Value of Prayers The ritual prayer has been a basic practice in every spiritual or religious tradition. Master Jesus points out that the real prayer practitioner should avoid simply a mechanical prayer with repetition: one must engage the energies of the heart. “And when you pray, do not heap up empty phrases as the Gentiles do, for they think ... Read More »

Rituals and Spiritual Practices of Mystical Christianity I


The body of teachings of the Master Jesus is, in fact, a collection of very subtle instructions which have in its goal to promote and tune the individual to an ethical way of living as a master tunes a delicate musical instrument to produce heavenly sounds.  When one is attuned to the vibrations of his philosophical wisdom, one can reach ... Read More »