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Stellar Codes™ and Multidimensional Vibrational Healing I


The Stellar Codes™ are a system of self-mastery and manifestation designed to provide the individual an energetic toolbox that facilitates the self-development of the Personality and the Soul while, at the same time, reactivating points of power and skills that are immanent of the Soul. In a nutshell, the Stellar Codes™ are a series of methods that are the inheritance ... Read More »

The Principle of Spiritual Sovereignty


Being the Owner of your Own Life The concept of sovereignty may be well known when it is applied to the realms of a government, or to territorial dominions of a state or a country, but it is less known as a spiritual concept that permeates one of the fundamental birth-rights into the human experience: the right to be a sovereign ... Read More »

Death of the Ego II – The Ego and its False Perceptions


The Ego is a live entity that acts, thinks and feels. Every experience we have in our awakened existence is an experience of the Ego. We are so identified with the Ego that we develop a clear illusion that it is the Ego that controls our life. The appearances of pain, suffering, happiness, and loneliness are all projections of the ... Read More »

Humanity Healing Self-Mastery Program

"One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself." ~Leonardo da Vinci Every attitude is the expression of an action. Every action connects us with the internal need to bring to life that which we wish to evoke within our own beings and own our lives.  When we choose to be mindful, our actions and reactions create ... Read More »

The Sacred Temple, Self-Mastery and the Stellar Codes™

"Mastery consists not in abnormal dreams, visions and fantastic imaginings or living, but in using the higher forces against the lower--escaping the pains of the lower planes by vibrating on the higher.  Transmutation, not presumptuous denial, is the weapon of the Master." ~ The Kybalion There is a time on the path of Self-Mastery that is a point to start ... Read More »

The Internal Observer

The Internal Observer "The universe as we know it is a joint product of the observer and the observed" ~ Teilhard de Chardin The Internal Observer is a powerful tool for self-improvement and personal development. The Internal Observer is an aspect of the Self, the part of the psyche capable of self-observation, evaluation and reasoning. During our journey through life, ... Read More »