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Dimensions of Time: Archetypes and Timelines II


The Double Sighting: Crisis and Lessons of the Master of Time Whenever the symbolism of Janus relates to time, between the past (which is no longer- and we can named “the before”) and the future (which is not yet- or “what is to be”), the true face of Janus, that which looks at the present and is supposed to face ... Read More »

Dimensions of Time: Archetypes and Timelines I


The Perception of Time Through our limited eyes of duality, we can only perceive creation in developing itself through a linear, unidirectional flow: past, present and future; the divine mind reveals itself and then it conceals itself again. No doubt that the less understood element of our reality is the concept of time. Being an intrinsic part of our living ... Read More »

Conscious Beings of Light – The Homo Luminous

Beings of Light

“I am that supreme and fiery force that sends forth all the sparks of life ... I shine in the water, I burn in the sun and the moon and the stars. Mine is the mysterious force of the invisible wind ... I am life."  ~ Hildegard of Binge, De Operatione Dei We are Solar Beings.  We live with the ... Read More »