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Illusion Removal Program Meditation

Illusion Removal Program Meditation

Illusion Removal Program


Mighty I Am Presence;

I call you forth now and ask by the grace of God, Djwhal Khul for a permanent assignment on the core fear matrix removal program and the all-inclusive misleading/Illusory matrix program, from now to be placed on all that is me, as well as and not limited to my bodies, fields, parts, particles all the way through all planes, levels, worlds, dimensions, all the frequencies , all of me, until I fully ascend in the Light.
I request the removal of emotions and reactions and suffering that are all coming from illusionary negative ego, lower self, fear based programs separative programs, selfish programming, glamour, illusion and Maya. Depression, grief and sadness, resentment and unforgiveness...
All present, past and future fears...
I request the removal of all fears of lack...
Fears that you are not going to make it...
Remove all fear consciousness and replace it with a consciousness of safety...
Replace it with core Love...
Mighty I AM Presence annihilate all doubt and fear in me. I AM free from all doubt and fear - cause, effect, record and memory! I AM the visible tangible Presence of the Ascended Masters for which I call!
We thank Thee,
I am that I am
(Repeat a minimum of 3 times, and any opportunity you get.)
Based and adapted from Doctor Joshua Stone's mediations.

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