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The Mists of Paroketh: The Veil of Illusion

The Mists of Paroketh: The Veil of Illusion

The Mists of Paroketh: The Veil of Illusion

In Kaballah, The Tree Of Life is a diagram representative of both the process by which the universe came into being and the Path to God. The Veil of Paroketh lies between the Upper Realms and the Lower Realms. It is a symbolic portal through which the consciousness must traverse when traveling upward through the Tree of Life to reach a conscious Union with our Soul.

The Veil of Paroketh is the barrier between our ego and our Soul. "Below" the Veil, the ego believes itself to be the individual's sole identity. Paroketh is called the Veil of Illusion because everything "below" the Veil is an illusion.

True Reality is on the other side, where our Soul resides.

The Veil is in itself an illusion, because there is no real division between the physical and the Spiritual realms.

Many "Lightworkers" have taken the first step towards piercing the Veil and can begin to feel our connection with the wholeness and love of our own Souls. Unfortunately, the Ego has great inertia and as the traveler approaches the Veil, they see reflected back all of the unresolved fears and desires, projected into forms that seem real. The traveler may believe that they have passed through the Veil when in fact they are still lost in an illusion made up of their own preconceptions.

Remember, the Soul's purpose is not personal advancement or self-gratification.

It is to Serve.

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