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The Healing Grid

The Healing Grid

The Humanity Healing Grid

One of the key elements in the Humanity Healing project through which we try to help alleviate some of the suffering in the world is a powerful device called the Humanity Healing Grid. The Healing Grid is a spiritually guided, but outwardly focused tool that encapsulates the essence of the Humanity Healing commitment to engage deeply with the principles of spiritual activism. Bearing in mind of course that Humanity Healing is very much a standard bearer in the field of spiritual activism, it makes sense then that one of the methods that we rely on for the promotion of health, harmony and balance in the lives of those who come to us for help should be a powerful, proven method of working with spiritual energies.

Our healing forum has grown enormously in recent times and continues to draw in not only those in need but more and more willing volunteers who want to make a positive difference to the lives of others. The ways that each of these volunteers help are many. Advice is offered, counseling is given, prayers are said, meditations undertook, distant healing engaged in and personal heart-felt interaction on a one to one basis is indeed common. Providing solace to the lonely, distressed and suffering individuals that come to us is the prime motive force that drives the engine of Humanity Healing.

The Humanity Healing Grid is a tool through which the energetic intentions of our many healers and volunteers are transmuted into a vortex of healing energy that has its origins within the Universal Energy Field from which all life finds its initial expression and to which we will all one day return. The Universal Energy Field is simply a convenient euphemism for what many would call God or All That Is or indeed The Universal Mind. Whatever we want to call it, it is that state of being and non-being beyond duality that we tap into with our healing intentions, bringing them into the here and now for the benefit of those in need.

A Healing Grid is a practical tool that consists of a number of elements set in a predetermined pattern that encourages spiritual energy to vibrate at a very high frequency and then focuses it into a beam that is drawn, through time and space by those for whom the healing/positive/prayer intent is being harnessed. Healing energy is never sent as this implies a control element on the part of the healer or group of healers. The Healing Grid can in some senses be seen as a sort of 'spiritual battery', but often manifests in the form of a 'spiritual battering ram' in its gentle but precision unwinding of an energetic tornado on the state of dis-ease of the suffering individual. The Humanity Healing Grid is comprised of two key elements: one grid is located in central England and the other is in California in the USA. Both are regularly charged with healing energy, prayers and the powerful intentions of our volunteers, helpers and healers for the good of those for whom it is directed.

A Healing Grid is something that anyone can construct for themselves. The most commonly used elements within a Healing Grid are gemstones or crystals and mandala's or symbols that have a powerful spiritual significance. Anything however that has a spiritual vibration for the individual constructing the Grid can be used. Pictures of gurus and Avatars, statues of the Buddha, candles and meditation aids can all add to the energy of a Healing Grid. Once set up however, a Healing Grid does need to be regularly recharged. Just like a battery, eventually its energy becomes depleted. It is necessary therefore to plug the Grid back into the mains from time to time to keep it topped up with healing energy. The mains is of course the Universal Energy Field and the plug is the healer, or practitioner of meditation or prayer, that has set the Grid.

The Humanity Healing Grid in the UK is constructed from a number of specific elements that are used for their spiritual significance and their innate qualities as transmitters or containers for healing energy.

At the base is an image that incorporates a powerful, tried and tested healing symbol from the Reiki method. Placed under this is a piece of woven cloth that contains the compassionate blessings of the 14th Dalai Lama. This in itself has an incredible healing effect on all of those that have either held it or been in its presence - surely a testament to the incredible energy of peace, love and compassion that is embodied within the person and the mind of the Dalai Lama himself.

In constructing the main part of the Healing Grid, 8 clear quartz crystals were selected that have been used many times for healing work and were placed, fully charged with healing energy, in a circle on top of the symbol picture. A central, more powerful crystal was then placed at the heart of this construction. Other crystals were then also added at various points, all radiating towards the centre of the Grid. Crystals are amazing conductors of energy and perfect for this type of metaphysical application, aligned as they are to various spiritual and energetic vibrations from the Universal Energy Field. A statue of the Buddha and pictures of the Medicine Buddha and the Buddha of Compassion were also included to add a personal resonance. The Medicine Buddha is of course very much an embodiment of the universal desire to help in all healing work on all levels of being, whilst the Buddha of Compassion casts beams of compassionate energy across the face of humankind. This too helps very much in the work of healing and in the bringing of the correct motivation to the desire for engaging in healing work. This Grid is kept charged on a regular basis through the application of Reiki and positive intent.

The Grid in England is based around a simple circular construction but many other designs or layouts are possible. For those that have a particular resonance with or interest in, for instance the Kabbalah; a design based on the Tree of Life might be appropriate. Some have built Grids with a layout that reflects the Star of David, a Pentagram or a Cross. Any symbolic form that has a spiritual focus for the practitioner works well. Mandalas and forms based on sacred geometry are also common. It does not matter what the particular spiritual or religious convictions of the recipients of the healing energy are. Ultimately, all of these symbolic 'gateways' to the Universal Mind lead to the same place and tap into the same reservoir of pure infinite love that is the natural basis of the Universe in which we all live and thus carry the same frequency of energy when used for a specific purpose such as healing.

The Californian Grid is buried in the Earth but marked by a circle of stones that help to close the focus of the healing energy. It is a common practice for many Grid builders to place Healing Grids directly in the ground. The theory behind this is that it helps to anchor or 'ground' the energy and imbues it with a particular earth-centred resonance. In Humanity Healing then, we have these two Healing Grids. One buried in the Earth and the other open to the elements. In this way we have incorporated the specific influences of particular frequencies of energy into the overall construction of this Healing Grid.

I is a common practice amongst Grid builders to place the names of those for whom the healing is intended, written on a piece of paper, under the central crystal. However, in the case of the Humanity Healing Grid, since there is at all times a very long list of names, these are placed directly under the base symbol image, written on a large piece of paper. It doesn't really matter where the list of names goes, as long as it has a direct link through the mind of the practitioner to the Grid. Simply placing it at the side is as good as anywhere else.

So how do you go about building your own Healing Grid?

Instructions for Building a Healing Grid

The instructions given are designed to be used by anyone, regardless of spiritual inclination or religious conviction. There are many approaches to Healing Grid construction and this method is very much open to adaptation.

You will need 8 crystals. Quartz points are very good for this type of energy work but it is more important that you find crystals that you personally resonate with and that feel right to you.

You will need to cleanse them. There are many ways of cleansing crystals and here are a few of them:

Sound: A Tibetan singing bowl is good for this but a tuning fork, gong or bell works just as well. The crystal is energetically cleansed by the vibration that is set up by such a pure sound.
Visualisation: Take a deep breathe and blow over the crystal. As you do so, imagine and have the intention that you are clearing away all negativities and purifying the crystal.
Sea Salt: Fill a small container with sea salt and bury the crystals in it for at least 24 hours. You should never use salt water for purifying them as this can damage some of the softer crystals.
Moonlight/Sunlight: Leave the crystals exposed to the energy of the Moon and the Sun for a period of 24 hours.
Reiki: If you practice Reiki, simply holding the crystals in your hands for about 10 minutes, either one at a time or all together is enough. The Reiki energy will not only cleanse but also charge the crystals at the same time.

There are many methods of cleansing crystals and these are just a few that you might like to try.

Once your crystals are cleansed, you need to find a place that is relatively private in which you can set your Grid up and that is easily accessible for you. Constructing the Grid on a tray or a sheet of wood or glass is a good idea as it makes it easy to move it when necessary.

Although not absolutely necessary, you can if you wish incorporate a symbol or a piece of artwork that has an energetic spiritual significance for you. This will form the base of the Grid.

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Now select one of the 8 crystals that seems to you to be imbued with the most active or dynamic energy. This will be your Master Crystal. This will be used to keep the Grid fully charged.

Place 6 of the crystals in a circle of about 12" in diameter. If you have chosen points to work with then it would be a good idea to place them with the points to the centre of the circle. You can of course arrange them in whatever way feels right to you, but this is an arrangement that works well in most cases. The last crystal needs to be placed in the centre. A cluster is good to use here, but a pyramid or ball or another point works just as well.

Take a photograph of the person to whom you wish to send healing energy and place it either under the whole Grid construction or under the central crystal. If you cannot get a photograph, simply writing their name on a piece of paper is fine. You can place as many people in to the Grid as you wish and add others at a later date as you need to. Once all of the crystals are in place, it is best not to disturb them.

So you have now built your Healing Grid. Feel free to add other elements that will aid your focus too. Pictures of spiritual beings or great teachers are good. Prayer cards, mandalas...anything that will make the place that the Grid is to be located resonate for you as a place for spiritual work.

You now need to charge the Grid. Take the Master Crystal and direct the point towards the centre of the Grid. You are going to now make 'slices' in the air with the Master Crystal, moving out from the centre to one of the outer crystals and then around the edge to the next crystal and then back to the centre. Back out to the crystal that you came from and around the edge to the next crystal. Imagine that you are slicing up a cake into equal portions! As you do this, it is a good idea to repeat a mantra or say a prayer or invoke spiritual energies in some other way that centres you and brings in a deep connection to the healing intention. It is important that you maintain a focus on the healing work for which the Grid is dedicated. You might like to draw healing symbols in the air over the Grid also. Be creative and do what feels right for you. There really are no hard and hast rules for this work.

Note for Reiki practitioners or practitioners of other healing disciplines: It is a good idea, prior to charging the Grid itself, to charge the Master crystal in the same way that you charged the crystals included in the Grid construction. Hold the crystal in your hands and charge it for about 10 minutes. Now use it to charge the Grid by following the instructions above. Charging the Master Crystal provides an extra and incredibly powerful boost to the energy within the Grid itself.

Periodically - perhaps every two or three days, you should recharge your Grid with the Master Crystal in the same way.

If you find that you are going to be away from home for a period of time, you can keep the Grid charge by taking with you a photograph of it and the Master Crystal and charging that instead. As long as you have a strong connection to the Grid itself, the energy will flow to it.

A Grid such as this can have a number of applications. Place it under your own healing table to enhance the work that you do with individual clients. Put it some where in your meditation space to bring the specific qualities that you desire to your meditation practice. Place photos, affirmations or intentions there to bring about that which is for your higher purpose. Use your imagination and devise methods of your own to use the energetic qualities of such a Grid. Some believe that it is important that the elements of the Grid, once in place should not be moved and so either glue, wire or use some other method to fix them in place. Others pick up the various crystals and other elements and recharge them or talk to them on a regular basis - thus reinforcing positive intention. It is probably best to keep the crystals and other elements fixed in place and this is the almost universal approach to working with Healing Grids. Ultimately, you must follow your inner guidance on matters such as this however, as you should in selecting the elements that you will use.

The two Humanity Healing Grids are constantly at work keeping the doorway open for all those that need it to the healing power of the Universal Energy Field. If you feel that you would like to aid in this work then please do so. Build a Grid for yourself and dedicate it to supporting the work of the Humanity Healing Grids. Simply place the words 'Humanity Healing Grid' under your central crystal. In this way we can eventually build a global network of Healing Grids that are all dedicated to this one healing purpose. The more powerful these two Grids become the more that we can do, on an energetic level, in alleviating the suffering of those that come to us for help.

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