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The Use of Floral Medicine for Emotional Healing

The Use of Floral Medicine for Emotional Healing

flower essences

Color: indigo blue

It is located between the eyes.

Internal Appearance: Intuition, Inner Will.

Flower Essences: Beech, Chestnut Bud, Clematis, Honeysuckle, Mustard, Olive, White Chestnut, Wild Rose, Vervain, Vine.

Positive: brotherhood, creative thinking.

It is the chakra of authority and command.

The experiences and ideas serve to clarify the extra sensorial perceptions,

The feeling of unity and oneness with the Cosmic laws is experienced. Here we consider and embrace our spiritual nature.

Negative: the desire to control others, selfishness.

Crown Chakra

Relates to the pineal and feeds the lower brain and right eye.

Colors: White or violet

It is located at the top of the head.

Internal aspect: spiritual search.

Flower Essences: Gorse, Holly, Water Violet, Wild Rose, Star of Bethlehem.

Positive: unity with the whole cosmic understanding.

Symbolically means the system integration with God.

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Sense of confidence of being guided by the universe.

It governs the deeper inner experience which translates the Wisdom of the soul. It represents the inner light that connects us to the heavenly Father.

Negative: no feelings, alienated from the life.


The key to prescribe Bach Flower Essences is precisely recognizing how the person is feeling and check which essence corresponds to the state of mind described. This is the most important step to balance the emotions. There are many reports of patients who, when using the Floral Therapy as an auxiliary therapy with energy treatments, are able to control their feelings and began to enjoy life more.

The general indication is to take at least four drops of the remedy under the tongue four times a day. The frequency determines the success of treatment, the resource goes for those facing emergencies or for those who want to start a process of transformation and are willing to embark on a long-term therapy.

The responses begin to appear after three weeks on average. It is very important to pay attention to our emotions during this time and if possible to keep a journal.  Because it is a long-time healing strategy, it is not unusual to experience several healing crisis. They affect the balance and can trigger several ailments such as ulcers, gastritis, panic or depression.

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