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The Power of Reiki Healing

The Power of Reiki Healing


The Power of Reiki Healing

What is this mysterious healing Modality?

Reiki Healing is an expression of Japanese origin that means universal vital energy. It also gives the name to a technique discovered in the early 20th century by Mikao Usui. In it, hands are used to capture and transmit energy. This channeled energy promotes the harmonization and transformation of the human being and is able to cure him of diseases. So, Reiki is defined as both a name for the energy produced by a living body and a method of interacting with that energy.

A Reiki Healing practitioner is someone who has learned to work with and recharge this energy.

Eastern medical traditions have long understood what Western science has only recently been able to measure and begin to define:  the living body generates an energy field that surrounds it.  This energy field is affected by stress, lifestyle, and the environment.  If the energy field is depleted faster than it can be naturally recharged, a person will feel tired and listless.  If the field is depleted too far, a person is more susceptible to illness.


The word chakra means "wheel." They are energy centers in a spiral shape with helixes rotating clockwise that are located inside our body. They are capable of energetically influencing our health and emotions. We have about 90,000 energy centers in our body.
The 7 chakras are located along our spine to the tip of our head. The chakras capture vital energy and distribute it throughout the body through the nervous system, vital organs, and endocrine glands.


7 Vital Energy Centers

MULADHARA: A energy vortex, the Muladhara root chakra is the first chakra. It is located at the base of the spinal cord, between the anus and the genitals. It is the basis anchoring point of your energy.

SVADHISTHANA: It is the second chakra or sacral chakra, which is responsible for sexuality and creativity. When opened, you can feel everything flowing freely within your body, physically and spiritually.

MANIPURA: This center is called Manipura, or solar plexus chakra, which receives and circularly distributes all the flow of energy. It is linked to the mental and spiritual body, representing the rational and conscious mind.

ANAHATA: Also known as cardiac or inviolate, this center has a greenish color. It is responsible for energizing the cardiac-respiratory system. It is considered a great channel for the movement of feelings and emotions.

VISUDDHA: Visuddha is the fifth, located in the laryngeal region and bluish in color. For this reason, it is considered the chakra of communication, expressiveness, and verbal use of the word. It also holds the key to creativity.

AJNA: The Ajna is the sixth and penultimate chakra. It is the eye of wisdom, or the third eye because it is located on the forehead, between the eyes. Purple in color, Ajna, which in Sanskrit means command, represents the light of our soul.

SAHASRARA: The Chakra Sahasrara is the seventh and most extensive of all chakras, standing at the top, in the head's aura. It is also known as the crown since the upper limit rests on our heads.


Reiki promotes several benefits. This complementary therapy can be applied in the prevention, treatment, and recovery of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual ills.
When we go through a situation of tension, our body, among other things, releases the hormones cortisol and adrenaline.

These hormones are directly linked to stress. The state of prolonged stress can cause chronic anxiety or depression and even stomach ulcers or myocardial infarction.

Upon gaining a positive energy discharge from the reiki specialist, the patient tends to relax. Thus, the feeling of wear and tear, muscle tension, anxiety, and mood swings disappeared. With the body, mind, and spirit balanced, the immune system is strengthened. Thus, those who will undergo surgery are prepared for medical intervention. The rest are protected against any illness that may arise.


Below are the "Five Commandments of Reiki" created by Mikao Usui. They were based on ancient studies and must be repeated like a mantra. For Usui, when we achieve mental health, we achieve physical health.

1. Today, I abandon anger.
2. Today, I let go of my worries.
3. Today, I count on all my blessings.
4. Today, I do my job honestly.
5. Today, I am kind to all living creatures.

The principles of Reiki for a harmonious life

What is a Reiki Healing Session Like?

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People seek healing modality sessions for a wide variety of reasons, from supplementing medical treatment to assisting in dealing with stress and emotional trauma.  Many bodyworkers, nurses, and other healthcare practitioners routinely incorporate Reiki into their healing practices.

Reiki sessions are gentle, non-invasive, and are done with the clothes on.  A Reiki practitioner will typically have you lie on a massage table and will gently place their hands on your body.  Hand placement will vary depending on the needs of the individual and the areas being treated.  Receiving Reiki is a deeply relaxing experience and leaves you feeling energized with a sense of balance and inner peace.

Reiki Healing can be applied to everyone: children, adults, and the elderly, female or male.

During sessions, patients are instructed to sit or lie down.
The Reiki Healing therapist places his hands-on specific points on the body.
Energization happens by touch or imposition.
Reiki can also be sent remotely. But, to receive it satisfactorily, the patient needs to have level one initiation in this technique.

Note:  Reiki Healing is a supplemental healing therapy and is not a substitute for medical and/or psychological diagnosis and treatment.

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