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The Oracle of Delphi – The Internal Journey

The Oracle of Delphi – The Internal Journey

the internal journey

The Internal Journey

The path is through the inner world, the journey must be inward.

the internal journeyA mystical truth, proclaimed by the sages of the ages and those that have seriously trailed the paths of self-knowledge, is that the real journey through the experience of life is an internal journey.  It is never a waste to repeat this truth, and to see how many good people continue to insist on engaging in noisy “spiritual" organizations in the pursuit of the next guru, spiritual leader or easy way to enlightenment. This does not represent a spiritual journey, because what is essential is inside of oneself, not outside.

It is understandable that some may feel a valid need to procure spiritual and transcendent collective activities in groups because they are tired of working alone, or perhaps because they do not know how to work on their own emotional body without physical interaction with another human.  Generally speaking, spiritually-oriented organizations are an adequate environment for the seeker, but they are still classified as a human environment.  This means they can accelerate or delay our spiritual evolution, especially in some cases when we cannot use the interaction with others as a resource for our mystical growth.  The fact is that these settings we are still working with a heterogenic mix of personalities, such as what happens in any socio-educational gathering of any other type.

The experience of a “Community” guided by like-minded objectives can positively reinforce our Egregora (circle of energy) and this assembly can strengthen our spirit.  On the other hand, it can also, through the interaction with others, lead one to frustration, false expectation, and conflict.  In any case, interactions should be welcome for those experiencing a slowing of their internal process, because ultimately it will contribute to emotional growth.

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