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Activating Your Soul Star


Animatech™ 101 The Soul Star Chakra, located at approximately six inches above the head, as an etheric star of Light that hovers over every person's head.  It is the first of the Transpersonal Chakras and an important doorway for working with direct energies from the Spirit. The brightness of this star very much depends on the Soul’s evolution of the ... Read More »

Planetary Action Meditation: When Natural Disaster Strikes

Planetary Action Meditation: When Natural Disaster Strikes Humanity Healing is participating in group meditations to transmute the energy of natural disasters to provide safety and healing to those in the path of danger. Spiritual Activists and Workers of the Light place selfless service to others above personal wants. Please join us in this intercessory meditation to send Light to those ... Read More »

Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention

In every life there are times when events seem to spiral out of control, when you feel like you cannot cope with the pain associated with these events. These may be the break-up of a relationship, the fear of not being able to provide for loved ones because of a traumatic event such as losing one’s job or home, a ... Read More »

Mystical Poetry – Saint Teresa of Ávila

Let Nothing Disturb Thee October 15 is the day of Saint Teresa of Ávila (d. 1582) according to the Catholic faith.  Teresa was a prominent mystic, Roman Catholic saint, Carmelite nun, and writer of the Counter Reformation. Her writings, especially the Way of Perfection and The Interior Castle, have helped generations of believers.  Her writings on prayer and contemplation are ... Read More »

The Seven Ancient Egyptian Universal Precepts

"The Universe is mental - held in the mind of the All." ~ The Kybalion The majesty of the early Egyptian civilization still lingers in the collective mind of mankind. The memory of its splendor and magnificence did not only reflect the impressive architecture and political accomplishments, but also the cultural, philosophical and spiritual legacy which engraved itself into the ... Read More »

Affirmations of Light

Positive affirmations can be used as an efficient tool to provoke a stimulus in various areas of our behavior. They are auxiliary tools to break both vicious and addition cycles, allowing the introduction of new thoughts, energies and change of frequencies in our lives. They are known to open our consciousness to new patterns and ideas, thus allowing our spiritual ... Read More »

Some Thoughts on Channeling

Installing the Internal Observer and Applying Discernment Have you heard the latest “channeled” message making the rounds? Evidently, on 15 June, the island Japan is going to cataclysmicly drop to the bottom of the ocean resulting in a 1000’ tsunami (no, that is not a typo – one thousand foot) (please note the 11 March tsunami that so devastated Japan ... Read More »

The Practice of Spiritual Exercises

“A Spiritual Practice is just that - practice.” ~ Christopher Buck The main purpose of spiritual exercises is to create a sacred space inside of the seeker, to develop and enhance his psychic connection with the inner planes. These connections are built to facilitate the creation of personal rituals which are necessary preliminary steps to unfold spiritual initiations. Free eBook ... Read More »

Kýrie Eléison


Kýrie Eléison, A Night Vigil for Our Planet Kýrie Eléison is Greek for "Lord, have mercy".  The Latin transliteration supposes a pronunciation as in Modern Greek. It is a very old evocation and expression, dating back to the even pre-Christian era. It is known to evoke the power of compassion, protection and restoration to the lives of those who evoke ... Read More »

Spiritual Adoption

Compassionate Activism: Spiritual Adoption “We have to do the best we can. This is our sacred human responsibility.” ~ Albert Einstein “Am I my brother’s keeper?” ~Genesis 4: 9 The answer is “Yes, you are”, because we are all connected, and what happens to others affects us. What is Spiritual Adoption? As any other type of adoption, spiritual adoption is ... Read More »