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Internal Purification

Internal Purification

Internal Purification

If you see to it each day that your conduct is impeccable, the following day will be completely clear, and you will be free to carry out your plans, always vigilant that you leave no loose ends. In this way, each new day will find you free and well disposed of. ~ Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

There can be no exclusive road to spiritual evolution. Different religions, spiritual practices, and non-theistic ethical systems offer different paths, but the goal is eventually the same: a greater connection and closer relationship with the divine.

Progress along the spiritual path implies the purification of one’s body, mind, and life. When the mirror is cleaned up, it gives a vivid reflection. The dust off one’s physical, mental and emotional bodies has to be wiped off to see the real self. The process of purification is, therefore, a difficult and exacting task.  It is not something that can be done overnight:  it is also a life-long spiritual practice.

One facet of internal purification is the exercise of self-control.  According to some Eastern traditions, five sins keep us from realizing our full potential as self-realized individuals: lust, anger, greed, attachment and pride.  Self-control must be exercised to balance these: respect and acknowledgment of the divinity in each of us to replace lust; forgiveness must replace anger; contentment must keep greed under check; love of God (or whichever name you address Divine Source) must displace attachment; humility must keep pride out.

The second facet of internal purification is self-surrender.  This occurs when we strengthen our connection to the Divine through our connection with our Soul, or Higher Self.  It is through this connection, or Antahkarana that we become more soul-infused with a greater understanding of our purpose in this incarnation at this particular time on Earth.

The third facet of internal purification is self-less service.  Service to God's Creation is a way of serving God. Service to Humanity is both a way of worshiping God and showing respect for God’s Creation; it is also a way of showing Gratitude for the Blessings you have received. Self-less service comes in three forms:  physical, spiritual and economic.  Physical service consists of giving one’s time and labor to helping others.  Spiritual service involves actively praying and sending Blessings for the benefit of others.  Economic service involves sharing part of your income through donations for charitable and religious/spiritual purposes.

internal purificationIn the Christian season of Lent.  Traditionally, Lent was a period of focused intention towards self-purification. It should be noted that all major spiritual and religious traditions have periods of self-purification for their practitioners.

In respect for these traditions, Humanity Healing is offering a free eBook with some internal purification suggestions.  We have also started a Group in our Community for the sharing of focused intention and prayer for the service of others.  If you wish to participate, please join us at:

To light a virtual candle as part of your intentional prayer for others, please visit the Virtual Chapel

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Internal Purification - Recommendations and Self-Healing Suggestions

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