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Affirmations of Light

Affirmations of Light

positive-affirmations_Humanity-HealingPositive affirmations can be used as an efficient tool to provoke a stimulus in various areas of our behavior. They are auxiliary tools to break both vicious and addition cycles, allowing the introduction of new thoughts, energies and change of frequencies in our lives. They are known to open our consciousness to new patterns and ideas, thus allowing our spiritual and material progress.

Positive affirmations also can direct our internal work in areas that are in need of healing, planning and revitalizing; depending on the type of message we are willing to accept as a “reprogramming” statement.

There are positive affirmations that can help us to feel at ease to accept happiness and joy, as long as we allow our mind to accept and assimilate the new standard of reality in our minds. The acceptance of these will permit us, as human beings, to change our behaviors and adapt to a new moment in our lives. Many times these affirmations can be powerful instruments to break blockages, old thoughts and behaviors that are limiting our progress and prosperity. With their continuous use, we can install a new thought mechanism in our system of self-mastery.

Through the verbal and mental repetitions, many times throughout the day, we can create new mental pathways, overcoming negative conditioning, and substituting them for openness and renewed hope.

The moment when these old conditions start to be substituted from your mental matrix, you will feel the shift of energies and wellbeing and relief will follow your days.

This is not a miracle tool.  It requires internal work and discernment because you will find elements in your life that may be in need of a good cleaning and restructuring.  These include your priorities in life, old relationships, old system of beliefs and your opinions about yourself.

You are a result of your thoughts. Practice good habits, such as clear and positive speech, clear thoughts, simplification your life, and following your own good suggestions for yourself.

Our mind is complex mechanism, formed in a holographic way, which retains naturally the registry of our tendencies, our experiences, influences, talents, and hereditary predispositions.

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For the affirmations to work, they should have certain characteristics:

  • They should be short and simple
  • They should be easy to assimilate
  • They should be always encouraging and positive
  • They have to be repeated various times

The affirmations in this eBook are a prototype of positive affirmations to bring a new sequence of vibration to your life. Please practice it for at least 21-27 days, which is the time it will take to substitute a pattern or an addictive behavior in our lives.

Free eBook

Humanity Healing is sharing the Free eBook, Affirmations of Light, to facilitate the defragging and reprogramming of old paradigms and to help create positive change. To download the eBook, please register and click on:

Affirmations of Light

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