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Spiritual Environmentalism

Magnum Opus

The Convergence of Humanity 2011-2012 Humanity Healing International and Humanity Healing Network are proud to announce a new white paper document containing the community and planetary proposals in alignment with the higher consciousness framework for the new Humanity. This is a document with an open invitation. Humanity Healing International understands that the intention of convergence as a global community of ... Read More »

The Essene Blessing for Mother Earth

Blessed are the Sons and Daughters of Light who know their Mother Earth. She is the Giver of Life. Acknowledge that you are a part of your mother and she is part of you She generated you and gave you life, She gave you the body you have, the same one that one day you shall return to her. Know ... Read More »

Gaia’s Prayer

The video Gaia's Prayer launches a series of articles and actions based on Spiritual Environmentalism.  Spiritual Environmentalism is the application of Spiritual practices and methodologies to raising awareness and initiating actions to halt and reverse the downward spiral of mankind's harmful impact on the environment. Along with the concept of Spiritual Activism, Spiritual Environmentalism is one that embraces the immutable ... Read More »

The Golden Verses of Pythagoras: Recomendations on Living

THE GOLDEN VERSES OF PYTHAGORAS “Wisdom thoroughly learned will never be forgotten” ~ Pythagoras First worship the Immortal Gods, as they are established and ordained by the Law. Reverence the Oath, and next the Heroes, full of goodness and light. Honor likewise the Terrestrial Daemons by rendering them the worship lawfully due to them. Honour likewise thy parents, and those ... Read More »

Animals in Spirituality

As we travel and grow along the Path of Spirituality, we come to realize that Humanity, from the perspective of the subhuman kingdoms in nature, is  the divine intermediary and the transmitter of spiritual energy to those lives whose stages of consciousness are below that of self-consciousness. Humanity becomes to these lives, in their totality, what the Spiritual Hierarchy is ... Read More »

Chief Seattle’s Letter

Chief Seattle (more correctly known as Seathl) was a Susquamish chief who lived on the islands of the Puget Sound. As a young warrior, Chief Seattle was known for his courage, daring and leadership. He gained control of six of the local tribes and continued the friendly relations with the local whites that had been established by his father. His ... Read More »