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Gaia’s Prayer

Gaia’s Prayer

The video Gaia's Prayer launches a series of articles and actions based on Spiritual Environmentalism.  Spiritual Environmentalism is the application of Spiritual practices and methodologies to raising awareness and initiating actions to halt and reverse the downward spiral of mankind's harmful impact on the environment.

Along with the concept of Spiritual Activism, Spiritual Environmentalism is one that embraces the immutable truth of the underlined connection among all beings and ascribes a new way of interaction with our environment based on the Ethics of Living Consciously.

To adopt this lens as a way to see our planet is to understand it as a living entity:  one that hosts and nurtures all forms of life and levels of consciousness; not exclusively Human beings, but trees, animals and other living creatures as well.  All forms of life are sacred and valuable to the existence and maintenance of the balance of the entire system.

Oneness does not refer to just Oneness within Humanity, although that is a major component.  Oneness is the understanding and awareness of your place in and connection to all of Creation.

On 10-10, Humanity Healing hosted a global meditation on the Oneness Blessing, emphasizing One Humanity.  On 11-11, Humanity Healing will host a global meditation on Oneness with the environment, emphasizing One Earth.

Join us on 11:11 by spending a few moments to send your Love, your Light, your Compassion, your Understanding, and your Healing Energy out to the vast web of life that is the Spirit of Gaia.

We are ONE Earth.  We are ONE Humanity.

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