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Aldebaran-Stellar Code™

Aldebaran-Stellar Code™

Aldebaran-Stellar Code™

The rising of Aldebaran, approximately 5,000 years ago marked the vernal equinox and was the beginning of the Babylonian New Year.  This brilliant star has been used for centuries in navigation and is known by many civilizations to be connected with the spirits of rain and the fertility of the Earth.

Astrologically, Aldebaran has always been regarded as a fortunate star, portending riches, and honor for those under its patronage. It is one of the four "Royal Stars" of the Persians from around 3000 BCE.

aldebaranAldebaran is the red Eye of the Bull in the constellation Taurus.   It is also known as Buddha's Star, the Star of Illumination, and God's Eye.
Aldebaran is called the Eye of Revelation. Life is filled with Metaphors and Revelations. The evolutionary process is essentially a journey into consciousness awareness through Revelation. As we evolve, we perceive more than we ever knew was existent or perceptible, yet we only perceive what has always been there.

Aldebaran, the Star of Illumination, is direct across the zodiac from Antares. In the only exact opposition of two major stars; Aldebaran is located at 9 degrees of the sign Gemini, with Antares at 9 degrees of the sign Sagittarius.

In stellar myth, Aldebaran is Vision Holder for the Starseed Mission on Earth, defining what Emissaries of Light can best accomplish to serve Humanity through evolutionary transition.  Aldebaran holds the vision for global leaders and world servers, inspiring the administrative planning of world affairs, especially for physical logistics and a global infrastructure designed to support humanity through evolutionary unfoldment and global change. Prominent alignments with the Aldebaran / Antares axis can express into the political and world stage.

In the sign of Taurus, when desire is transmuted into aspiration, darkness gives place to light and illumination. The eye of the Bull, the spiritual third eye or the "single eye" of the New Testament, is opened.

"If thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light," said the Christ (Matthew 6:22).

This single eye takes the place of the two eyes of the personal self.  As the attention of humanity becomes focused upon spiritual attainment, we tread the Way of Revelation.

aldebaranLife is filled with revelation. The entire evolutionary process is essentially nothing but a growing revelation. The two concepts Evolution and Revelation go together. As we evolve, we perceive more than we ever knew was existent or perceptible, yet we only perceive what has always been there. The Way of Revelation is through the discovering and discarding of our own limitations.

Just as Antares is linked to the Archangel Raphael, so too is Aldebaran linked to the Archangel Michael.  The energy of both of these Royal Stars brings about the balance between two powerful forces of creation, the Angels of the host of Lord Michael and the Angels of hosts of Lord Raphael.

As part of the Initiation of the Stellar Code™ - Antares, the Stellar Code™ of Aldebaran brings the discernment and the right intention of actions under the enlighten manifestation of the Souls' Light.

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  • It’s not correct to say that, “5,000 years ago, the rising of Aldebaran marked the vernal equinox”. It wasn’t the “rising” of Aldebaran that “marked the equinox”. The equinox was then marked the same as it is now. Rather, then, Aldebaran was directly behind the sun on the vernal equinox.

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