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The Karmic Board

The Karmic Board

The Karmic Board

The Karmic Board

Well known by students of esoteric wisdom, the Karmic Board is the name given to the summit of higher cosmic entities from the Great White Brotherhood that oversee the actions of the Planet, both individually and collectively.

Four times a year, every three months[1], the Council meets and assesses the karma of every human and other sentient being on this plan of existence, evaluating impending karmic issues, reviewing requests and overseeing the spiritual evolution of the planet. This is a process that usually happens during our sleeping period, and most of the time, we are not conscious or aware of this special encounter, as it is our astral body that presents itself to this conference. We present to the Board our recent choices and our perspectives for the near future. These meetings are an expression of the balance and choices to alleviate the burden of karma and promote equilibrium between the individuals and the Cosmic Laws.

Karmic Board

On these special days, the disciples of the Light can present to these Divine Judges their petitions or projects.  If they are deemed worthy and useful to life, they will be allowed - and then the authors will receive the direct help (in whatever form required) of the Council to assist in their development and performance.

When you win the bid for assistance in the manifestation of your Divine plan and to consume your negative karma, you will have the assistance of your I AM Presence, the Beloved Holy Christic Self (your Monadic Self) and the Council of Karma, to enact the right to free oneself from the wheel of reincarnation.

am-pallas_athenaThis is a unique opportunity for every human incarnated at this time on Earth to consciously access these occasions because we all can appraise our lives throughout the year - or on a quarterly basis, express Gratitude for objectives achieved, ask for dispensations, gifts, Blessings and Divine guidance for troubleshooting personal and planetary problems. At these meetings, applications are reviewed, agreements are made, and then there is the release of karma, through the dispensation of Grace, Blessings of forgiveness, prosperity, abundance, perfect health, and many others.

Another positive consequence of this event is the possibility to redirect free will choices to the Karmic Board for forgiveness and transmutation of karma, release of old samskaras, liberating all of those who have decided to abandon the actions that generate negative karma and thus follow the projects of Light and Ascension.

One other important aspect of this planetary spiritual event is that it is during these audiences that the limits and blockages in the manifestation of welfare, prosperity, abundance in the lives of individuals, communities or the entire planet are weighed.

The Karmic Board is a Justice Court

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All Masters are Ascended which means they are beings of absolute Mercy, Love, and Justice.

When a person dies, they can make that transition in two ways: either in a conscious manner, which is a feeling of "unfolding" from the physical body and entering a tunnel, following a light or even finding a guide; or unconsciously, in a decompression state such as sleeping.

If the person reaches the "other side" awake, they soon will face a Messenger of Light, which gives her/him a summons to appear before the Karmic Board on the day of Karma Court. Until that day, the soul will be forwarded to an “astral camp." On the other hand, if one is sleeping, or decompressing, the resting may continue for a period that varies from person to person, but cannot exceed six months.  Once they wake up, they will inevitably receive a summons to attend the Court.

When placed before these Perfected Beings, one is led to evaluate one’s last life, from birth to death.

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