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Magnum Opus: Human Convergence

Magnum Opus: Human Convergence

Magnum Opus: the Convergence of Humanity

Magnum-Opus_Humanity-HealingMagnum Opus means Masterpiece, the best work, our work of art. Like the statue of David by Michelangelo, a sculptural masterpiece so perfect, that when he finished it, Michelangelo recognized  it was a  Faultless beauty and declared "Speak!"

Humanity Healing International and Humanity Healing Network are proud to announce a new white paper document containing the community and planetary proposals in alignment with the higher consciousness framework for the new Humanity.

This is a document with an open invitation.

Humanity Healing International understands that the intention of convergence as a global community of sentient beings involves much more than just the holographic projection of individual wishes.  It requires Soul stamina to tackle with firmness and compassion the majority of the problems that are afflicting our planetary reality.

In light of the systemic transformational events we all are witnessing as conscious beings as they are taking place in this timeline, it is imperative to define our purpose, our divine mission, as individuals or communities, as we approach the critical mass necessary to shift the current paradigm

Every human life has a voice, and only a unison frequency of this human choir will move and upgrade our status as Galactic Human Beings. It is our understanding that only as One we can completely embrace and honor the life and all the divine manifestation of consciousness.

Our world is Humanity's Magnum Opus, our masterpiece of beauty and luminescence. As guardians and overseers of this planet, we have the spiritual obligation to step into the divine roles entrusted to us as our birthright.

The legacy we leave to upcoming generations is the specific vibrational signature to be written into the Eternal registry of the consciousness of this world.

There are no definite unilateral or individual solutions to our problems: hunger, poverty, disempowerment, ignorance, illness, and disease are systemic maladies. Economic advancement does not translate directly into human progress.

Humanity Healing International and all its associated networks publicly offer its suggestions and strategic projects to contribute actively to the convergence of sustainable solutions for the betterment of Humanity and the planet.  It has been our belief that every positive change in our reality will echo multi-dimensionally throughout the fabric of time, raising and healing consciousness through our collective commitment and the weaving of our purposeful intentions.

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The Five Perspectives

  • Implementation of Correct Human Relations
  • Visionary Educational Leadership and Empowerment
  • Sustainable Solutions for  Sustainable Living
  • Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts
  • Spiritual  Activism  Awareness campaigns

 White Paper

To download Humanity Healing's Magnum Opus, click:
Magnum Opus

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