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Mantram of Unification

Mantram of Unification

Mantram of Unification

A mantram is a combination of sounds, of words and of phrases which, through virtue of certain rhythmic effects, achieve results, such as spiritual transformation, that would not be possible apart from them. In Hinduism,Mantram is a word or formula, as from the Veda, chanted or sung as an incantation or prayer.

A mantra is a repeated mantram.

MantramMantram of Unification

The sons of men are One, and I am One with them.

I seek to love not hate,

I seek to serve and not exact due service,

I seek to heal, not hurt.

Let pain bring due reward of Light and Love.

Let the Soul control the outer form, and life and all events

And bring to light the Love that underlies the happenings of the time.

Let vision come, and insight.

Let the future stand revealed.

Let inner union demonstrate and outer cleavages be gone.

Let Love Prevail.

Let All Kind Love.

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~ Alice Bailey, Djwal Khul
Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II

Note:  There have been questions over the phrase, "Sons of Man" as to why it did not also say "Daughters of Women."  The book, Discipleship in the New Age vol 2, by the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul, through his amanuensis, Alice A. Bailey was originally published in 1955. We do not believe it would have been appropriate to modify the work of an Ascended Master for the sake of political correctness. Please do not view it as exclusionary but as a literary turn of phrase for humanity.

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"I suggest that just as self-consciousness is the goal for all the subhuman forms of life, and as group consciousness, or the consciousness of the Heavenly Man, is the goal for the human being, so for him, also, there may be a goal, and for him the achievement may be the development of God consciousness."
~Alice Bailey

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