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House of Reconcillation

House of Reconcillation


Welcome to the  House of Reconcillation!

Reconcillation  House focuses on Forgiveness and Tolerance issues. We believe that these two concepts are at the root of Healing on both a personal and global level. We support initiatives that foster better understanding and resolution of conflicts between both individuals and communities.

We would like to differentiate between reparations, rehabilitation and reconciliation.  Reparations are about repaying a debt to an individual or society because of a wrong done.  Rehabilitation is about reinserting the wrong-doer back into society.  Reconciliation is the act of bringing the different parts of a conflict together and healing from the wrong that has been done.

To reach Reconciliation, one must start by recognizing the common ground between the parties and working outward; instead of starting with the differences and working inward.  It is from this mindset that Forgiveness and Tolerance are born.

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  • Tolerance

    anagrams to:
    Clear tone

    Communication with others, and clarity about one’s own inner needs, both of these resonate within when I ponder this anagram.


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