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The Essene Blessing for Mother Earth

The Essene Blessing for Mother Earth

The Essene Blessing for Mother Earth

Blessed are the Sons and Daughters of Light who know their Mother Earth.

She is the Giver of Life.

Acknowledge that you are a part of your mother and she is part of you

She generated you and gave you life,

She gave you the body you have, the same one that one day you shall return to her.

Know that the blood of your veins was brought forth from the blood of your Mother Earth

Her blood drops from clouds in the sky and streams from her womb.

It bubbles through the mountain creeks;

and flows abundantly through the rivers on the sierras.

Acknowledge that the very air that enters your body is the respiration of Mother Earth,

Her breath is the blue celestial skies,

Her whisperings, the leaves of the forest.

Acknowledge that the firmness of your bones was created from the solidity of the bones of your Mother.

The softness of your complexion was born from the flesh of your Mother Earth.

The light of your eyes, the reach of your hearing,

Bloomed from the colors and sounds of your Mother, who surrounds you

As the ocean waves cuddle the fish,

As the living air embraces the birds.

In truth, I tell you, you are One with your Mother.

She is One with you

As you are One with her.

From her you were born, on her you live, and to her, you shall return.

Respect her laws and will,

Your Breath is her breath;

Your Blood is her blood,

Your Bones are her bones,

Your flesh is her flesh;

You are her eyes and ears.

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Blessed is the Son or Daughter of the Light that finds Peace with Mother Earth,

Because they will never taste death.

Recognize her Peace in your mind,

Yearn for her Peace in your heart;

Realize Peace in your body.

Strive to be Happy;

Love yourself and evolve.

Translated and Adapted from the Essene Gospel

Note:  The Essenes believed in the presence of a Heavenly Father and an Earthly Mother, or the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  Mother Earth gave the physical form, while the Divine Father bestowed the Spirit of Life.

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