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The Rainbow Warriors

The Rainbow Warriors


 The Rainbow Warriors

The story and legend from the Native Americans about the Tribe of people that will rise to save the Earth, they will be gathering from all the four directions and they will represent actions not words. The Rainbow Warriors is a metaphor for the coming together of various nations, all the people of the world as one and in Peace, to restore the beauty, the integrity, the love and the flow of creation on earth, bringing down the manifestation of the divine  into our  dimension.

Rainbow warriors is a synthesis of a possible dream, an ancient dream that permeated the reality of our ancestors and is now manifested in our modern consciousness. The beauty of this concept is the acceptance of our  differences , finding the answers for all the problems through our common ground of humanity.

This video is one of our favorite creation, and it marked the beginning of the mission fro Humanity Healing, as a place for education, inspiration, and humanitarian outreaches.

When the last tree is cut,
the last river poisoned
and the last fish dead,
we will discover
we can't eat money.

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Music: Enigma, Gravity of Love
Text: Freely adapted from Cree and Hopi prophecy, excerpts from Standing Bear Speaks
Graphics: digi_art Fantasy

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