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Theotókos, The Mystical Rose

Theotókos, The Mystical Rose

Theotókos-The Mystical Rose_humanityhealingTheotókos, The Mystical Rose

Through many Faiths, the Divine Feminine is held sacred. The Blessed Mother Mary is the definitive energy of the Mother. As a timeless Icon, Mary has been the sheltering arms for those that are enduring changes and in need of her nurturing energy.

Mary's heart is an eternal flame of spirit that can light an infinite number of candles without ever becoming depleted.

The Theotókos is a Greek terminology to designate the "Mother of God".There was much dispute about this particular title, during the early period of the formation of the Christian Church. For many, Mary was a human being, for others, with her purified body and her will to receive  such an enlightened soul, she is a personification of the Divine Feminine. Her role as a mother and follower of the Christ have placed her among the most cherished saints on Earth. She is cited profusely on the Quran and  very little on the Christian bible.

Mary has been known by her many other titles: the Queen of Heaven, the Mystic Rose, the Queen of Angels, and Theotókos - the God-bearer. The Mother Mary is not the property of any religion in particular: she transcends them. She is the ultimate archetype of Universal Maternal Love.

Humanity Healing is proud to share with you this sacred meditation mantra for the Theotókos, The Mystical Rose.

The Humanity Healing Network is producing a series of meditation, mantras, and videos in conjunction with Isabella Rajotte and Webs of Sound Production, Canada.

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