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Daily Mystical Exercise for Anchoring Peace

Daily Mystical Exercise for Anchoring Peace

Mystical-exercise_projecting-Peace_Humanity-Healingfrom the works of Paramahansa Yogananda

Relax and center yourself in preparation to this exercise,

Bring your thoughts and focus to the Now Moment.

Breathe deeply three times.

Concentrate your internal attention and focus on the point between your eyebrows, or your third eye. Imagine an everlasting lake of eternal peace residing upon this point.

Try to keep and prolong this sensation inside of your body for as much as you can.

Feel the vibrational circle of peace, harmony and reconciliation with all things pulsating around you.

The more you pay attention, more you will be able to feel the pulsation of the waves of peaceful joy expanding through your being.

It is flowing from your third eye to the center of your heart, and from your heart to all the cells of your body.

Now the heavenly water of peace overflows the margins of your body and reaches your energy territory (your mental body).

The current of Peace now flows beyond your limits and streams forth to many and infinite directions.

Breathe deeply and count until 5.

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Repeat the same exercise at least one minute more.

This exercise can be used daily as reliable source of strength and centering power and for anchoring the invaluable energy of peace to this planet.

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Adapted from the works of Paramahansa Yogananda

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