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Merkabah: The Chariot of Ascension

Merkabah: The Chariot of Ascension


Merkabah: The Chariot of Ascension


Merkabah Field is a permanent and highly ordered Merkabic structure of inter-connected electro-magnetic counter-rotating energy spirals that exist as an integral part of ALL CREATION. It shows that we are much more than just physical beings, living our lives in just one place in the Universe.

The Merkabah is the divine light vehicle allegedly used by Ascended Masters to connect with and attune with other beings in many different dimensions, especially the ones inhabiting higher realms.

"Mer" Means Light

"Ka" means Spirit

"Bah" means Body

Merkabah means Light Spiritual Body surrounded by counter-rotating fields of pure light, known as the "wheels within the wheels". This spiritual device is responsible to transport the Light Body from one dimension to another. It consists by two interlocked tetrahedra of Light with a common center. That is why many researchers describe the Merkabah as the Star Tetrahedron.

In our understanding, the Star Tetrahedron is actually a tridimensional version of the Original Star of David. When visualized, it resembles a Gloden ball of light, an Orb.

Once this spiritual device is properly activated, it can direct the expanding consciousness of the seeker to higher dimensions. It is a constant process of attuning oneself to the various energies of this Universe. This experience truly awakens the deep sense of interconnected of the Universe as truthful to all Lifeforms. Everyone and everything has a Merkabah filed of light.

This system of energy spirals exists on everything as part of the building blocks of creation.  Multiple Traditions explain that the activation of our light vehicle Merkabah is a necessary step to reach everlasting life, pass through stargates and Time travel.

The Microcosmic personal Merkabah field resembles a vascular -circulatory system from which Consciousness is able to express itself into  Space-Time-Matter. Once activated the system can assist in reaching beyond the limitations of a 3D.

When functioning properly, the microcosmic personal Merkabah field interconnects with other progressively larger Macrocosmic fields, such as the Planetary Merkabah, the Solar System Merkabah, the Galaxial Merkabah, and so forth.


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