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The Christ’s Festival

The Christ’s Festival


The subjective work of the three spiritual festivals prepares the way for the return of the Christ, the appearance of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and the great energy that comes with Them, the Will-to-Good from Shamballa. As the Christ leads the Spiritual Hierarchy in distributing the energy of the Will-to-Good into the consciousness of Humanity, we open our hearts and minds to its inflow and then are able to participate in its distribution into all the kingdoms of life. And so it is at the Goodwill Festival that the three planetary festivals crescendo in revelation, producing seven great results.

The three full moon festivals of spring are destined to become a focal point in the new Aquarian Age, as more and more people of goodwill come together to celebrate that Humanity is One despite religious or cultural differences. And now, the festivals are being observed in mounting potency as people everywhere learn of this unique way to serve the planet as Watchers of the Dawn. Join in and help build and strengthen the channel for the powerful energies which are streaming in to form the framework of the emerging new world.

What occurs at this time on the inner planes intersects with the world of our experience. At the yearly high point of the Gemini full moon, people begin to feel and assimilate the spiritual energy that has come through. Many celebratory events such as graduations, weddings and vacations are associated with the month of June more than any other time of year. This is a reflection of the download of energies from the festivals in connection to everyday life.

Over time the significance of this meditation ritual is revealed to those who become more soul attuned and less personality oriented. The sun’s transit through Gemini offers opportunity for uniting soul and personality, and vitalizes the changes needed for the evolution of the Christ consciousness by channeling the energy of Love into our solar system, and on to Earth.

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When at this the Christ's Festival the will-to-good is released into human consciousness, its potency affects the New Group of World Servers bringing Humanity closer to Shamballa.

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