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Emptiness and the Shore Beyond – Part II

Emptiness and the Shore Beyond – Part II

The Shore Beyond

Note: Please first read and watch the video Emptiness and the Shore Beyond - Part I
The Shore Beyond

The Essence of the Heart Sutra is centered on the phrase "The form is nothing but emptiness, and emptiness is nothing but form". All things are empty - this includes our psychic qualities, our thoughts, feelings, sensations, perceptions, our body and all the reality around us. To free ourselves of various human conditions such as sadness or anger, we need to realize that all are just transitory phenomena of reality. In this way we do not attach ourselves to the root of suffering.

The deep consideration of these statements encourages us to awaken the potential of wisdom about the causes and effects of actions and reactions all around us. Often our suffering comes from internal illusions we have of reality, but the secret to ending suffering is to understand the true nature of things; so if you suffer and it is in internal fighting, seek understanding and wisdom, and seek your own awakening.

Prajna-paramita Hrdaya Sutram (Sanskrit Version)

Aryavalokitesvara 'Bodhisatva. Gharnbhiram Prajna-Paramita Caryaym Caramano,

Vyavalokiti Smaa Panca-skanda Asatta Sca Svabhaba Sunyam Pasyati Smaa

Iha Sariputra, Rupam Sunyam Sunyata iva Rupam.

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Rupa Na. Vrtta Sunyata, 'Sunyataya Na Vrtta Sa Rupam Yad Rupam-Sa- sunyata, Yad Sunyata Sa-rupam Evam Eva. Vedana, Samjna Sam-skara Vijnanam

Iha Sariputra Sarva Dharma Sunyata-Laksana Anutpanna Aniruddha, Amala A-vimala, Anuna A-paripurna

Tasmat Sariputra Sunyatayam Na Rupam, Na Vedana, Na Samjna, Na Samskara, Na Vihnanam. Na Caksu Srotra Ghrana Jihva Kaya Manasa, Na Rupam Sabda Gandha Rasa Sparstavya Dharma

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