Guidelines for Mass Meditation Projects


Meditation and prayer are invisible, but strong acts of spiritual power.

They are potent and dynamically active methods of bringing about change, not only on the inner landscapes of our minds,

but also in the outer tumult of daily life. There have been many calls lately for Healing Meditations for both Humanity and our planet Earth.

"Our task as meditators is to work with energies, not events, to invoke enlightenment and wisdom for those concerned, to radiate love, to maintain calm and always remain confident that right will prevail."
~ Michal J Eastcott

Humanity Healing is proud to share with you the following video as an aid to Mass Meditation Projects.

"All meditation is a service of one kind or another, even meditation that is purely 'personal', for 'no man is an island entire of itself; every man is part of the continent, a piece of the maine'. All our lifting of ourselves to a higher level of being and entry into a wider area of consciousness is, therefore, a lifting of the whole, a service to our fellow beings, no matter how small."
~ Michal J Eastcott

Much Metta,

HH team

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