One of the main reasons people do not succeed in the practice of Astral Traveling may reside initially in the fact that they tend to always adopt techniques that are either too complex by themselves or are made complicated by the practitioner.

Another reason for lack of success is a simple misunderstanding of what astral traveling is all about. It is more than lucid dreaming and much more than a mere separation between the human physical body and its consciousness.  It is the possibility to reach, in an awakened state, different realms of possibilities inside of the quantum universe of Space-time.

To astral travel is to have your soul extension consciously leave your physical body during the sleeping stage or dream stage. In truth, everyone that falls asleep leaves their body and are d to visit other planes of existences or to merely repeat experiences that they emulate on daily basis. The majority of mankind, however, is still unconscious and not intimately aware of their activity when they are not in a vigilant state.

Humanity Healing University is publishing a series of exercises to facilitate the enaction and performance of Astral Traveling. Astral Traveling is one of the many resources that can greatly amplify your rate of learning and understanding of your own internal and external realities. In the coming weeks, we will be releasing modules and guided meditations to create the proper shift of vibrations needed to exercise this Soul Technology.

There are many techniques that will be discussed during this study series, but they will be mainly gathering around four major areas of concentration: Relaxation, Balance of Energies, Mental Control and Focused Visualizations.

None of these techniques are disconnected from each other; rather they are extremely interdependent. We highly recommend for them to be performed carefully as baby steps, and without hurrying though the distinctive levels. The main reason behind this is basically to eliminate gradually the usual “fear” that many still maintain unconsciously about Traveling through the realms of the Astral Plane.

Another recommendation for the one embarking on this journey is to start and maintain a journal, just like a diary, specifically for this. This is an instrumental key to the comparison of your achievements, details and will be a thermometer of your progress towards more advanced techniques.

The first step that must be conquered before any attempt astral traveling is in fact a realization: that you are not exclusively a physical body.  You are, in fact, much more than this. You are a multidimensional being, with multidimensional reach. Your body is simply a garment, a skin suit which you wear right here and right now because you took upon a learning experience in Earth school.

This concept may be easily understood intellectually, but to be able to detach yourself enough from your mindset and core of beliefs; you need to realize this truth on a very deep level.

AnimaTech™ eCourse

Anima is Latin term for the Soul.  This self-paced eCourse, of which Astral Traveling I is the first module, offers tools for the Seeker of Knowledge to master the esoteric Technologies of the Soul.  It is available to Members of the University and is located in the Online Resource Center section of the website.

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  1. Seeker_33

    I have found that Astral Travel is possible if one has a definite purpose and yearning to visit the desired time/place. A prayer should be said first, for me last thing at night just prior to falling asleep, for protection and to ask for it to be so (if it be THY will Lord, and in Christ’s name). This has worked for me on three separate occasions that I can recall. In all three instances I travelled back in time, once to Victorian England, once to 17th Century England, and once (most spectacularly) to ancient Egypt. All of these experiences were very different from a normal dream.

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