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The Energetic Matrix, Reincarnation and Karma

energetic-matrix_illusion_Maya_Humanity-HealingWhether or not we believe in survival of consciousness after death, reincarnation, and karma, it has very serious implications for our behavior.
~Stanislav Grof

We are co-created divine emanations presents in the everlasting now. Everything that we observe and perceive is a creation of our interior world, or can be understood as mental creations proper for the third dimensional reality we live in. Space and time, therefore, are illusory concepts that we create ourselves, as points that give the coordinate system of our existence. The drama between shadows and light creates the holographic impression of a prison, and a sense of disconnection with the Divine Source.  This prison is known as the Energetic Matrix.

The only and ultimate Truth is the Infinite and Unconditional Love.

reincarnation-and-karma_Humanity-HealingThe holograms are impressions of light that look to reflect a “solid” form within the three dimensions and from the point of view of the observer, they can create an illusion of imprisonment. In reality, however, they are just wave patterns of light that penetrate the holographic screen created by the three dimensional world. All the reality that can be perceived through the five senses is a holographic artifice of the energetic matrix and is, in essence, a false concept in which to reference ourselves to determine who we are.

The veracity of life, as we perceive it, through the rivers, oceans, forests, cities, etc. is a massive grouping of energy codes, with different vibrations and frequencies observed and decoded by our brains through a three dimensional lenses.

Our personal matrix suffers from the interference of at least 50% of the shadow effect.  This percentage is even higher if the individual lives their life in guilt, anger and fear.  In this present reality we live in, most of the sentient beings are pursuing the Christic Template of evolution, not only the human beings. They are also susceptible of the interactions with duality and can be hostages of situations and other beings that still perpetrate duality as the ultimate reality.

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.
~ John 8:32

In practice, the great part of what we live everyday and apprehend as our reality is pure Maya and Illusion. The biggest illusion we can hold on to is the perception of separation.  In reality, just the everlasting infinite and the eternity exist; the present, the NOW, with all the perspectives and concepts of past and future events, is happening simultaneously at the same time, inside parallels realities, inside the timeless NOW.  All are situations created with the power of our minds, with the energy of the internal worlds, are following a program of learning and experience delineated by the Higher Self as a curriculum to be acknowledged and applied in Earth School.

Karmic-Astrology_Humanity-HealingThis is the reason why some gifted psychics can intuitively capture through their sight what once happened or is about to happen, because it is only in the NOW that everything exists simultaneously. With this in mind, we can say that reincarnation is not necessarily a procedure that necessarily involves the process of leaving and coming back to this world, but rather a movement to travel in and out of different realities, all of them happening simultaneously. The more we continue a process of self-obstruction, of being out of alignment with our Higher Self when it comes to making decisions and using our Free Will; the golden rule of spirituality says that we will divide ourselves in as many as different realities as we need to complete the necessary learning process for our ascension.

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