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The Hidden Function of Endocrine Glands

The Hidden Function of Endocrine Glands

THE HIDDEN FUNCTION OF of Endocrine Glands _humanity-healing

The Hidden Function of Endocrine Glands

Based on the teachings of Edgar Cayce

“Each soul enters with a mission.
We all have a mission to perform. ”
~Edgar Cayce

Within the scope of the teachings of Edgar Cayce, it is said that the hormonal system and the endocrine glands are elements of the natural the pathway for the healing of any illness. According to Cayce, these glands are the point of contact among all our three bodies; in these glands, we can experience the soul and spirit, and through them, these elements can exercise influence the physical vehicle. For Cayce, any healing or cure would start in the glandular system, undoubtedly because he believed that all the human activities, all our dispositions, temperament and diversity of nature are the blossom of the action of these glands.

The Endocrine Glands, or system  are related to the purpose of renovation of cells, degeneration and also their rejuvenation. They allow not only the production of the physical potential energy needed by the body for its metabolic functions but also cooperate in the production of energy to be directed to the mental and the spiritual bodies. Cayce believed that the endocrine system was a pathway to reach and understand God.

The idea of thinking about the glands as connective points that link us with our spirit is not really a novelty.  For the philosopher Plato, the thymus was an organ that was part of the soul; it would express our pride, indignation, our shame and the need for validation. For Plato, the thymus was a warrior aspect of us, from our internal life. Without the thymus, he says, man would be nothing but a brilliant animal, with a brain and control of physical activities, but with no moral autonomy.

It is through these amazing mini-powerhouse-chakras that our physical body receives the energy to perform healing inside of itself. Our mental attitudes are not detached from our physical behavior, such as our tone of voice, the way we look at things, the way we judge and react to our immediate reality; everything is influenced by our endocrine system because they act directly on our sensorial system.

When Cayce talks about the Endocrine Glands being the major key of orchestrating all the activities of the physical body, he includes its manifestations and perceptions, he also mentions as the major centers of this power, the Pineal, Pituitary, Thymus, Thyroid, Adrenals and sexual glands; even knowing that there are other glands inside of the human body.

In the Hindu tradition, there are other important organs pertaining to all the human bodies, the chakras.  The chakras are the keys for the human personality, and they act just as a gland, with a precise function to process, and metabolize energy and keep it distributed through the entire system. Each one of these centers detains a colorful vibration, one of the four elements, an astrological sign and the influence of one planet.

Endocrine Glands-endocrine-system_Humanity-HealingThe Pituitary and Pineal glands are the highest glands located inside our bodies.  They are related to the Light that can develop only through silence. The Pineal gland is the initial point in the construction of the embryo inside of the mother’s womb. The Thyroid is activated when one decides to take action.  These three glands are majorly developed during the period of adulthood. Until such a time, the gifts related to each of these centers can only be felt lightly. Adulthood can bring skilled abilities to life, such as correct and pondered speech, clear vision, right judgment, analytic skills and also wisdom. The last chakra to fully develop is always the Heart chakra.

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For Cayce, the adrenals are the center of our emotional life, and they can affect our solar plexus greatly. The Sexual glands are for him the motor energy behind our physical bodies.

Cayce explains that in production and circulation of negative feeling such as hate, and attitudes such as aggressiveness, all the glands are involved.

In his analysis, Cayce also believes that every illness infiltrates itself into a body through the venomous secretions produced by the glands while negative emotions and feelings influence them. The opposite would also be true according to him because a healing of an ailment could be found through a positive attitude and the correction of vibrational fields through the practice of meditation.

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