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The Humerus Chakra

The Humerus Chakra

Humerus Chakra

The Humerus Chakra

The Humerus Chakra is one of the minor, but important, centers of energy inside of our physical and extra-physical bodies. Situated at the dorsal area of our backs, between the scapular bones, this energy center is an important one as it refers to the relationship between the incarnated personalities, such as ourselves, and the spiritual plane.  This chakra, as the other more well-known ones, locates itself in the periphery of the physical body, extrapolating the physical vehicle by around 2 to 4 inches, but positioned on the backside of our bodies. Its center is placed in the third portion of the left scapular, exactly 180 degrees from the heart center. Humerous-chakra_Humanity-Healing
It has its connections to the physical body through a direct relation to the solar plexus and the superior limbs of the corporeal body.

Chakra for Psychic Abilities: The Humerus Chakra

Although this chakra is vital for the functioning of different psychic abilities such as automatic writing, its existence is rarely known, basically because it is not listed among the seven principal ones. It is one chakra that is advanced naturally only in a select number of people, requiring a  reason and an able amount of energetic internal work to fully awaken this center.Humerous-chakra_cadecaus_Humanity-Healing-1

It has one exquisite shape representing the Lemniscata or Lemniscate, the symbol of infinity. The ancient traditions classified this chakra as the wings of the enlightened beings, or angelic beings. Its color may vary to be in accordance and to reflect the spiritual moment one is living. When in balance and harmony, it presents itself with a celestial blue color. When we are transitioning through a weak and vulnerable phase, its predominant color will be yellow.

It is found to be very developed in extra-sensitive individuals and also somewhat in holistic therapists. When suffering from blockages, this center can manifest back pains, the sensation of heaviness, and some difficulty to breathe, or shortness of breath.

The same symptoms can be found in therapists and health practitioners that lack care of their own health conditions.


The Humerus Chakra and Cosmic Connections


It is a chakra that needs constant connection with the frequency of the cosmos. It is here where one can develop the capacity to enter in contact with more subtle vibrations and to filter and assimilate these frequencies.

It is one of the places where the indelible impressions of past lives can remain for many generations. It is a chakra that reflects and vibrates the love and compassionate practices of the heart, charity, and harmony, essential forces to enact the immutable law of return. There are no alternatives therapies capable to neutralize the law of return in the life of any individual, there are nonetheless practices that can mitigate the negative effect of our actions upon our own energy system.

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Chakra with Fire Energy

This chakra in itself is the one that apprehends the transmutational fire of the heart center and transforms it into loving actions that can be manifested by the works of our hands. The higher understanding of pain as a tool for personal growth and change is the ultimate objective of the development of this chakra.  This vortex is extremely important to the evaluation of any spiritual problem and challenge. It is the center responsible to keep our individuality, and it is related to our center of power. It is also responsible also for the production of energies that protects the functionalities of the spleen.

In dealing with energetic treatment for terminal patients, the Humerus Chakra proves to be of vital importance, because of its role as an extra-physical registry of our pains. When a physical healing is no longer possible, the healing of the extra-physical body that will concur to the healing of soul wounds must be attempted through this very energy center. From this vortex center, it is possible to release the disqualified energies that are no longer needed to the soul to bring to another reality.

Spiritual Exercise

Members of the University can find the Humerus Chakra Exercise in the Online Resource Center under Spiritual Exercises.

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