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Metaphysics of Disease

Metaphysics of Disease


The Metaphysics of Disease

Disease, undoubtedly, for a body to function with perfection, it needs to be at ease.Our physical vehicle was designed to work with precision and excellence. This means that all organs, tissues, nerves and glands should be working in cooperation and harmony. The harmonic functioning of the entire system is based on the fact that all the parts are operating at their optimum without stress. When something strange or extraordinary to the system is introduced upon the energetic layers of the body, in a way or another it will alter the balance of its functions, and we can say that the body can be thrown into a state of dis-ease.

Why do we get sick?

Disease_Humanity-HealingEvery illness or disease can be interpreted as a direct message to the individual that something unusual has approached and disturbed the system and was not accessed nor corrected properly. Many diseases, or blockages, appear on the more subtle levels of the body much earlier than it can “solidify” and manifest itself in the lower of the bodies, the physical. The meaning behind an illness resides in the bringing of awareness back to the physical

The meaning behind a disease or an illness resides in the bringing of awareness back to the physical level, so that big issues can also be accessed and healed. Even the smallest sign of sickness or indisposition should be regarded as a sign that your system is not operating at its ideal, the influx and circulation of energies are not supplying the adequate level responsible for healthy living.

Some spiritual healing traditions actively believe that in some cases, illnesses can function as “anamcaras” or friends of the soul. This paradoxical statement is based on the fact that some illnesses will be inevitable force an individual to rethink, restructure and rebirth their entire life to find healing, forgiveness and finally, liberation.

From an esoteric perspective, every illness is not a cause, but a consequence of the exposure, intake, quality and frequency of the dissonant energies that circulate our physical and extra-physical bodies.

The mediator or controller agent of these types of energies is the quality of the thought process by the person. The quality of the thoughts can influence the weight and worth of the related feelings. Some anomalies are born from undisciplined self, either emotionally or mentally.

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Disease_energetic-healing_Humanity-Healing Our physical body can experience illness and vast symptoms of disarray from the ingestion of food or drinks that may poison our system. We also can get out of "optimum balance" when we absorb and somatize energies and vibrations (emotions) that can intoxicate our system; initially through the more subtle levels and finally reaching and degrading the lower level of the cells of the material vehicle.

We are energetic receivers/transmitters of the influx of energies coming from the cosmos, ingestion of foods, respiration, and inner spiritual power. We are responsible for the quality of energy we give as an input to the collective consciousness of this planet. As we elevate our personal frequencies and vibrations through the cultivation of higher feelings, we slowly but surely erase the suffering, pain, sadness and the sense of separation from source. Only through the purification of our own vehicles, the care about the quality of mindful thoughts and emotions we transmit, can we facilitate and give birth to a new level of health and wellness to all of us?

NOTE: An illness or medical condition should be seen by a qualified medical practitioner.  This article is meant to highlight how energetic therapies can help facilitate healing as a complement to, and not in place of, proper medical attention.

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