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Occult Dynamics Of Blood Reprogramming

Occult Dynamics Of Blood Reprogramming

Blood Reprogramming

The Occult Dynamics Of the Blood Reprogramming

Blood Reprogramming of Genetic Material

Blood-Reprogramming_Humanity-Healing 2Throughout our lifetime, we have been engraving in our cells the multitude of vibrations we both receive and transmit. These vibratory patterns may be either positive or negative ones. The constant pulsating of these frequencies generate a pattern that gets imprinted in our cellular memories. To de-codify these impressions over the permanent atom, one needs to work actively on the reprogramming of one’s vibratory template to reconstruct a new cellular pattern; the same happens with Blood Reprogramming. As we are multidimensional beings, the rebuilding of the energetic template also translates to other dimensional planes.  This is done through the Law of Resonance and the Law of Grace to repattern the vibrations through time and space, liberating blockages, sanskaras[1], phobias, self-limiting beliefs and karmic residues.

Some traumas, mistakes, phobias, addictions and even illnesses can be diffused and transmitted through the inherited DNA[2].They become holographic imprinted ciphers, coded in our genetic material, and therefore generating a predisposition to recreate themselves and be present in our lifetimes as personal challenges. If these patterns are not reversed, some karmic infirmities acquire the perfect substrate to manifest themselves as illnesses such as Aids, Diabetes, Hepatitis, and Cancer.

Blood Reprogramming and Cleansing

The key for this reprogramming and cleansing is the synchronization of the multidimensional selves and the timeline on which one is operating. The method of the synchronization is that the one doing this process should concentrate all their intentions and energies to the ‘present’ moment. Much energy and effort are wasted when one tends to live in the past, through vivid memories or keeping their “personal” history alive.  This is also true for those who are always living in the expectancy and forecasts of the imminent future.  Both patterns of behavior have a tendency to create energetic blockages that disperse the focal point of the intentions and thereby significantly diminishing the efficiency of any healing practice.

After the energetic cleansing of your blood and memory cells, we recommend that another supplementary work is done for the disrupting the automatic responses imprinted in the physical vehicle, the body. This is an effort that can classify as a detox and a detachment process; where one will need to clean, re-create and re-educate oneself to the new template, as it also directly liberates the bloodline, both forward and backward, of these patterns.

While this reprogramming and detoxing do not necessarily touch the problems originated from past lives or parallel realities, it can greatly mitigate the effects of them since all that is present and manifested in the present time receives, directly or indirectly, the influences of our multidimensional existence.

Living-Harmoniously_OM-TimesThe blood reprogramming and cleansing are just the first steps towards an initiative of self-cleansing, purification, clarification of purpose and self-awareness. The cultivation of a harmonious way of living, a mindful code of conduct, and a healthy lifestyle are the assets one should keep as the result of the cellular reprogramming. The breaking of the old patterns is a necessary step for change and transmutation.  In the system of capturing and circulating new energies, the maintenance of a new vibratory pattern is the guarantee of success in the long run. We shall accentuate, nevertheless, that this is not a quick solution, nor a simple process.  With any multidimensional healing or ancestral restorative measure, it demands continuity, commitment, and goodwill.

Once an individual presents the intention to start a cellular reprogramming, the spiritual universe conspires to that effect, opening the space for the manifestation of this thought-form. With a sincere sense of commitment, this process can open doors and liberate configurations that may be not able to be manifested in the present state of consciousness of the individual. Your active participation in the reprogramming of the memory cells and re-patterning of your energetic template can deepen your understanding of your spirituality and your interconnections with your family lineage.

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[1] Sanskaras are imprints left on the subconscious mind by experience

[2] DNA is a nucleic acid that contains the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of all known living organisms. The DNA segments that carry this genetic information are called genes, but other DNA sequences have structural purposes or are involved in regulating the use of this genetic information.


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