Stellar-Code_Multidimensional-HealingThe Stellar Codes™ are a system of self-mastery and manifestation designed to provide the individual an energetic toolbox that facilitates the self-development of the Personality and the Soul while, at the same time, reactivating points of power and skills that are immanent of the Soul. In a nutshell, the Stellar Codes™ are a series of methods that are the inheritance of many Schools of Wisdom through time to assist the preparation and education of its masters. It does not pertain to only one line of thought; neither is something coming out of the hodgepodge of the New Age movement.

The Stellar Code Healing System™ is an energetic and therapeutic process where multiple healings are multidimensional worked seamlessly. The main feature is the use of energy from the Heart Chakra. The Heart Chakra is the only one of the seven chakras that can be attuned at a distance without creating any adverse reaction of the one being healed.

The techniques involved in this energetic healing system act as vehicles that lead us to deeper levels of reconnection with our True Self, with our Soul Family, with Source: in other words, with more subtle aspects of the Divine Self.

Each one of these Codes is a reference to a stellar vibrational frequency and they open your system to the possibility to reach the multidimensionality of our true nature. The Stellar Codes™ were designed to attend to a particular group of people, which already have done some kind of self-healing and self–realization work, especially those that see themselves as belonging to the angelic realm.

Each of the Codes aligns us with the different vibrational sequences that are beyond the scope of the third dimension. The Codes are the symbolic representation of each of these sequences being them either of light and/or sound. When the facilitation of one attunement occurs, a deep alignment with all the parts of the Higher Self, the I AM presence, happens and new energetic circuits are created.  These circuits assist in the increase of awareness and expansion of consciousness; and, most certainly, open one’s mind to a deeper understanding of the multidimensionality of our reality.

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