Tuesday , 31 May 2016
Raise Your Vibration
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Activating Your Soul Star


Animatech™ 101 The Soul Star Chakra, located at approximately six inches above the head, as an etheric star of Light that hovers over every person's head.  It is the first of the Transpersonal Chakras and an important doorway for working with direct energies from the Spirit. The brightness of this star very much depends on the Soul’s evolution of the ... Read More »

Opening and Activation of the Stellar Gateway


We have many dormant points of energy in our Auric field. These points are progressively activated as we journey our life path towards self-realization and enlightenment. They are sleeping chakras that start to work when we open ourselves to the new dimensions of our being.  We may be conscious of some, but there are many that still remain untouched by ... Read More »

Daily Mystical Exercise for Anchoring Peace

from the works of Paramahansa Yogananda Relax and center yourself in preparation to this exercise, Bring your thoughts and focus to the Now Moment. Breathe deeply three times. Concentrate your internal attention and focus on the point between your eyebrows, or your third eye. Imagine an everlasting lake of eternal peace residing upon this point. Try to keep and prolong ... Read More »

Astral Traveling

One of the main reasons people do not succeed in the practice of Astral Traveling may reside initially in the fact that they tend to always adopt techniques that are either too complex by themselves or are made complicated by the practitioner. Another reason for lack of success is a simple misunderstanding of what astral traveling is all about. It ... Read More »