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Stellar Gateway: Opening and Activation

Stellar Gateway: Opening and Activation

Stellar Gateway: Opening and Activation

The Stellar Gateway is the second of the transcendental chakras, but still part of our systemic connection with all the other dimensions of the Universe.

We have many dormant points of energy in our Auric field. These points are progressively activated as we journey our life path towards self-realization and enlightenment. They are sleeping chakras that start to work when we open ourselves to the new dimensions of our being.  We may be conscious of some, but many remain untouched by our awareness. In theory and independent of our complete knowledge, all these chakras, not just the seven primary ones commonly known, are influencing us. These “new” vibrational frequencies have the main function to blend the transformational energies that are coming from diverse places of the infinite Mind to assist in the transformation of both ourselves and our Mother Planet.
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In order to accommodate these changes, our brains have been adapting to the infinite changes, now enabling themselves to perceive and process the new sensory information that extrapolates the experiences of the natural senses. The activation of these “sensors” will undoubtedly ignite new perceptional functions to your scope of reality.

The evolutionary fall of the Human race, caused the deactivation of certain vibrational circuits, also affecting the blockage and atrophy of most of our DNA template capabilities.  This factor isolated some of our channels of communication with the internal worlds and, ultimately, the regular access to the wisdom of the soul causing and contributing actively to the illusion of our separation from the Divine and the isolation of consciousness imprisoned in a physical body.

To revert this state, it is imperative that one awakens the original and ancient connections, the wisdom of your body, through the stimulation of this neuro-net reigned over by the Pineal and the Pituitary glands. Through these stimuli, one must exercise the new “muscle”, awakening the internal and personal codes that will reveal the multi-faceted aspects of our soul, life and soul purposes, divine mission, connection with superior energies, Infinite Wisdom-Divine Sophia, and spiritual consciousness.

The First Two Transpersonal Chakras

The Soul Star: the Chalice of Soul Energy

Located 6-8 inches above the head, the Soul Star is the chakra that is the interface for our relationship with the Universe. Symbolically, it is the chalice that captures and filters the Divine loving energy received from the Stellar Gateway. It is the place where the energies of the Stellar Chakra, the vibrations of the Cosmic Rays, are purified and refined, regulating their use over the energetic fields of the human consciousness. The element of this sacred grail functions as the receptacle of higher energies, and it is responsible for the expression of higher wisdom, as a primary element of human essence.

The Stellar Gateway: The Divine Essence or Omnipresence

Situated approximately 12 inches above the head, the Stellar Gateway’s function is to receive, filter and harmonize the extra-physical bodies with the energy from the stars, or other Solar Logos. Our Soul Star primarily receives the influence of our Solar Logos, but the initial point of this is the Stellar Gateway where we start assimilating the Light codes of other Solar Logos, which unconditionally contributes to the “music of the spheres” and the expansion of the plan of creation.

This point is intimately connected with our Body of Light and with the Divine I AM Presence, as a universal symbol of pure Divine love. Its symbol is the star of six points, which encompasses and condenses all the higher and sacred energies of the 12 Cosmic Rays.

Attunement Information

The Opening and Activation of the Stellar Gateway is the Attunement of the Month for August and is available to all University Members free of charge.  For more information, please visit: Attunement of the Month

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The full video with Opening and Activation techniques may be found in the Video section of the Online Resource Center.  Membership is required to access this part of the website.

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