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Reducing your Karmic footprint

Reducing your Karmic footprint

Reducing your Karmic footprint

Four Ways to Re-Think and Recycle the Fruits of your actions

Reducing your Karmic footprint

What is Karmic Footprint?

Karmic Footprint is related to the law of Karma. Karma is a Spiritual concept usually applied by Eastern religions; for some, Karma is the Law of Retribution in action. As a Law, it does not necessarily represent a bad thing, but the need for balance in nature.  It allows us to learn and understand diverse points of view, through experiencing the different aspects and perspectives of life.

But the truth is how one can balance one's lives in such a chaotic world?

If you share the common belief that we are all One, and we are all related, we realize that the minimum actions and dealings can ripple in our lives, out to other's lives and on to our entire Planet.

So, how can we grow as Individuals, help Mother Earth and reduce our Karmic footprint on our already overloaded planet?
There are many different types of Karma, but the one type we are going to concentrate on here is the Kriyamana Karma, which corresponds to the result of the gathering of all our actions (good or bad) in this current life. We can say that our Karmic Footprint is the aggregation of our daily activities that can create a wave and influence and touch other's lives. As a result, if we can change, transmute and reduce most of our impact, at least the bad aspects of it in our present situation, much can be done for the good of our Earthly community.

There are no miraculous keys or correct solutions, but there are suggestions that may help you actively reduce your negative influence and consciously contribute to the clearing of the energy of the collective, not only spiritually but physically.

The Lavoisier's Law
If we understand clearly that everything around us is energy, including matter, we can use a little of the concept of Lavoisier Law of Conservation, where he states: "nothing is lost, everything transforms itself."  He proved this when he established that although matter can change its state in a chemical reaction, the total mass of matter is the same at the end as at the beginning of every chemical change. So our Goal is not to necessarily eliminate collective Karmic residues, but our main challenge would be recycling our collective Global Karma to another level of energy, releasing negativity through Alchemy of Intentions + Actions.

Using Ethical Judgment as a Soul Compass.

We all have needs, that is undeniable, but what is the true measure of our needs?  Do you know how to define Necessity? Do you need a red convertible car; is this going to be the guarantee that you are going to be fully satisfied and happy? What do you need to be happy?

Amazingly enough, joy does not come with the complete satisfaction of your material desires; because to find happiness, you should start to search from inside out. So, here are some personal tips on how to help consistently in the transmutation of the energies of Mother Earth:

1. Reduce the excess in your life: Simplify

You need a give a hard look at the clutter in your home and life. Do you need all those things you have? Aren't you creating more work and stress for yourself and holding onto memories (not necessarily good ones) because you are afraid to let go? Here is how to deal with this: Ask yourself, did I use this item the last six months, or will I use this point in the next six months? If the answer is no for both questions, it is time to let go.

Spiritual Tip: Select all the items you intend to get rid of, clear them with blessings from your heart, and make an intention that these items will find someone that will benefit from and find joy with them. This is an intention that will ripple good vibes to whoever receives or acquires each item. That increases the positive aspect of your Karmic footprint.

As you clear the clutter in your life (and I mean life, not only home), you create space for the new to happen, opportunities to manifest; and if you are sending good vides, you are planting happiness.

2. Conserve Resources

When we speak of conserving resources, we are not only speaking of nature resources, as we assume that you are already doing this like everyone with a holistic ecological vision, and can understand and practice this. We can do that by using alternative ways like the use of solar power, reducing carbon emissions by having carpools instead of driving alone, and reducing the amount of electricity you use on regular basis. Nevertheless, we can go further, and deepen our contribution to this planet.

Have you ever considered Compacting as a spiritual practice? Compacting is a commitment, like a vow one can make in reducing buying new things that are not necessary for a period, let's say one whole year? Of course, this practice does not include food or material items you need to replace others in your daily activities. But think, why not by a good used car, maybe more affordable, and that have everything you really want, instead of getting on the Merry-go-round of credit and debt? What about a used book instead of the same brand new one for almost 30-40% more?

Why can you say Compacting is a spiritual practice?

Compacting is an exercise that will help to induce yourself to the point of balance, stability, self-sufficiency, and will tame your ego and prevent the "brilliance of glamor" to take over your Spiritual Path. It is one way to practice detachment to what is the standard philosophy of a commercially-geared society.

As you do this, you are saving a lot in resources used in the making of new products.  When you decelerate the rate of planned obsolesce of a good, when you "freecycle" items you no longer need; you are helping Mother Earth and empowering many little communities and business thriving to insert themselves into a new economic paradigm. Never throw away, instead "GIVE" it away!

Think about it.

3. Alchemize and transmute what you no longer need

Alchemy is both an ancient philosophy and practice which aimed for the achievement of ultimate wisdom as well as immortality. I prefer to think of alchemy as a spiritual way to deal with stagnated energies and transform them into something good. Of course, the concept of good cannot always be translated into monetary compensation, but it can be rewarding in joy, satisfaction, and beauty.


From Trash to Treasure

Many things may no longer serve you but would benefit other people.  For instance, formal clothing, like a formal suite that you have outgrown; but that can be a key factor to facilitate someone in getting their first job. A heavy coat your kids do not use anymore can bring relief to a less fortunate Mother's heart in knowing that their child will be comfortable and healthy during winter. There are things in life that are priceless, not only in the intention but also in the act. Always see if you can be the vehicle of a blessing to someone!

Plantings the Seeds of Goodness

So you recycled all your cans and plastic and paper. What do you do with the residual money you gathered from it?

For many years, I lived in the countryside in California.  I had an old Pumpkin jar (instead of a piggy bank) where I gathered all the money acquired with the recycling practices of my household. As an alchemy practice, I believed that it was possible to transform Trash into Treasure.  I used that Energy (the money) to buy seeds: I bought seeds of wild flowers, vegetables (the easy ones to grow) and more trees to plant. The money generated by my trash was now used to give gifts back to Mother Earth.  Our family grew vegetables, and we feed all the neighbors, and there was always plenty to donate to our little town food bank. We spread seeds of wildflowers on the highway sides, so the next season they would make a pretty comforting landscape for those who would pass that point, they would enjoy them with happy eyes.

See Also

You can also use the recycle jar to collect money that is no longer in your budget to donate to causes you support (like Humanity Healing Foundation). I remember breaking the recycle jar to send a donation to the animal victims of Hurricane Katrina.  It was a big decision for us because we had decided that year that all the collection of money would go to sponsor some wolfs in Canada on a sanctuary, but it was worth it.

4. Practice Emotional Recycling

We sensitive people often feel the impact of others' feelings in our common lives: their sadness and their lack of hope, one way or another interferes in our lives. Knowing and being aware that all of us are under the auspices of the Law of One, we know that when one is helped, all are healed. But how can we help each other?
If you bring the possibility of relief, or the beginning of a resurgence of hope into someone's life; you are also cooperating with the combined cleansing of our collective minds and souls.
Dedicate every single random act of kindness you do as blessings, and purposely dedicate this energy for the general cleansing of humanity's emotional wounds. This is na effective Cleansing and will help a lot reducing the Karmic Footprint.

As you place yourself as an active member of this Human Community, you realize that we are all responsible, directly or indirectly, for all the challenges we are facing as a Collective Race. Our shadow side (made by our collective projections of fear and rejections) must be healed, and we can mindfully practice this philosophy as we chose to be aware, act and live in the present moment.

Here are some personal suggestions:

1. Refuse to be part of negative or less than positive activities; decline to be involved in gossip and any conversation that would demise someone. Practice the wisdom of the three monkeys: "See no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil."

2. Make a practice to include in your daily prayers, a prayer and a benediction for those that have no one to pray for them. Remember that we are a result of a collaboration of many actions, thoughts, and cares of many different people. We are never alone. We can heal others with our goodness of heart and love energy, even when they do not know.  This is the real material that miracles are made off.

3. Create something beautiful as a gift to kindness.
Plant a tree: create a little oasis in your garden (no matter how small it may be) and dedicate it to the increase of goodness, healing, love or any other virtue you may choose.
This is something I embrace as my personal gift to kindness and for the increase of hope, faith, and integrity in the world: as a project, I built a section in my yard where I hung a diversity of wind chimes of different formats, colors, and materials. I cleared the space, consecrated the pieces and blessed every single one with a different prayer and wish. As the winds blow in all the different directions, they carry all the prayers for those in need. From time to time, I recharge them with new prayers, replace some crystals and meditate in gratitude to all the elementals that are joining me in this quest of diminishing our Karmic Footprint.

Last reminder: To actively reduce  your Karmic Footprint  and  the negative impact of your actions and help create a new moment for all, you need to work not just with the intention, but always follow up your intention with ACTIONS.

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