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Yantra: Visual Universal Truths

Yantra: Visual Universal Truths


Yantra: Visual Representations of Universal Truths

Yantra are psychological symbols that represent the inner states of human consciousness.

Meditation is a process of mental development.  Through this process, we obtain the proficiency in fixing the mind on a single object for a length of time without any external distraction and achieving a pure tranquil state of mind.  This system of meditation is called Samatha, or tranquility/concentration meditation.

With developed concentration, we are then able to see in a very penetrative manner the physical and mental processes that occur each and every moment of our lives. This type of meditation is called Vipassana or Mindfulness meditation.

All kinds of meditation can be grouped into these two categories.  All meditations that focus on one object such as a yantra, mantra, symbol or breathe technique belong to the Samatha category.  Methods that look within the energy field of the mind/body and the process of these bodies as they flow belongs to the Vipassana category.

The Sri Yantra

The Yantra is a potent and dynamic sacred symbol which is represented by a particular geometrical configuration.  The Sanskrit word Yantra comes from the root yam, meaning to hold or support the energy inherent in a particular element or object.  The Sacred Geometry of the Yantras are believed to reveal the inner forms and shapes that comprise the Universe, and they represent the ultimate form or equation of a specific manifesting energy.

Yantras function as symbols to reveal Cosmic truths about the spiritual aspects of human experience.  The underlying shapes of a

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The inner truths of a Yantra are archetypical forms dealing with facets of the spiritual experience.  Through active meditation, the inner truths of a Yantra are revealed through intuitive vision, and it can be used as a symbol of psychic power.  For example, the Sri Yantra shown above is an ancient Hindu symbol, often regarded as sacred. The upward triangles symbolize the masculine, and the downward triangles the feminine, so, together they form a picture of "Union" with the Bindu point, the point of creation, in the middle.

Yantras are usually accompanied by a corresponding Mantra, or sound-syllable.  The Kularnava Tantra states that "the Yantra is ensouled by the Mantra."  Yantras are basic to tantric perception.  Each Yantra makes visible the pattern of force that can be heard in the Mantra, and the reciprocal is also true.  In other words, the Yantra is the visual representation of the sound of the Mantra, and the Mantra is the audible representation of the Yantra.  When used together, the serious seeker can develop great insight into the underlying spiritual truths of the Universe.

Spiritual Exercises

Humanity Healing is starting a series of Yantra exercises to compliment the Sacred Geometry exercises currently offered.  These are available to Members of the Online University in the Online Resource section of the website.

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