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The Interchakral Space

The Interchakral Space

The Interchakral Space is the sphere of influence that sits between our physical chakras; and it is also  the field between the subtle bodies and etheric body, and the name of the realm between the subtle bodies and one's dreamtime self, or the intermedia places of your multi-dimensional self.

Some schools of wisdom believe that the space between the chakras can actually hide unstable and harmful energies those energies can hinder us, especially when we are trying to develop our full potential as human Beings.

If there is not enough Chi, the Kundalini system will slow down and make the chakra fields to subside in size leading to small chakras with large gaps in between.

As we enter in the Realm of the Stellar Code we cross the first threshold from where we consciously start operating and working in multi-dimensional levels.

The Stellar Code wisdom is a primordial bridge among the superior dimensions and the intra-dimensions of Human Beings. The Laws of Harmony that reign are part of this Spiritual science; and that gives us the hope to know that we are not abandoned or isolated in this world, with no perspective to progress, we are all in the path of re-awakening. As you unify your Higher Self with your Higher Heart in all your multi-dimensionality, you recognize a distinction and change in your frequencies.

The change in frequency level is the beginning of your real awakening work, because Light is your true nature and the underlined base of all creation. The Divine Light emanates without restrictions, and nurtures every single being in the great scheme of this Universe.

Stellar Code™ series and the Awakening of the Internal Divine Stars will empower the seeker to open more possibilities to the unification of the personal will with the Divine Will. The continuous application of this techniques and practice will give you the control of the energies inside and outside of your Auric Field, increasing the amount of energy circulating in your chakra/ Nadis system.


The eBook Awakening of the Internal Divine Stars and the eBooks associated with the Stellar Code™ Matrix Mastery Program are available to Members in the Online Resource section of the website.

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