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The Chiron Codex

The Chiron Codex

The Greek mythology encircling the figure of Chiron, The Wounded Healer, is of great assistance in helping us acquire a deeper understanding of the archetypal energies of Healing in our life journey, especially when we get in touch with a the Original Wound, the wound of Separation from our Divine Source.

As an archetype, Chiron is said to embody the key lessons humanity is in need of now: the ability to link the daily concerns of life with more urgent and profound spiritual realities. Chiron thus symbolizes the ability to establish a working bridge between the realm of the earth and the realm of Spirit, and to foster a healthy balance between them.

When dealing with our own individual pains of the Original Wound, we tend to mistakenly perceive this wound as abandonment.  We act as if the Divine Source has turned a cold back to us, because we have forgotten that it was our own choice, our will to leave and to pursue this very long, drawn out search for Truth, to Know Truth, and to experience form and interact with different stages of manifested consciousness. These are all lessons selected by our own Souls, and when it is perceived through our individual Mind, Heart and Soul, we will find has never been cut off from Source.

In our search for love and for the understanding of our purpose, and because of our forgetfulness, we may also find pain; layers of pain, branching from what we recognize as the Original Wound, which has given birth to our Ego, the part that helps us with Self-identification but ultimately must also be discarded and replaced with the Self -realized True Self.

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Sagittarius expresses the many different natures of a hybrid archetype.  This is attenuated by the fact that this constellation shares its aspects and effects with another influential constellation in the night sky at this time of the year, the Orion Constellation.

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Stellar Code™ Orion is currently being offered together with Stellar Code™ Chiron. For more information about the Stellar Codes™ in general, visit: Stellar Code™ Mastership Program

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  • Hi Chris & Liane,
    I missed the teleconference and I wanted to know if you will be posting the recordings soon. And about the Order of the Archer Angels, will you have more information posted about this very soon?
    As you may notice, this angel is very eager *=)
    Much Metta ^i^

  • There is no software required to participate with the teleconference tonight. Just call in from your telephone. If you miss the call, we will be posting the recordings.
    Much Metta,
    HH Team

  • I would like to be a part of this evenings teleconference on Chiron 9 pm but don’t know what software how to dial in. Please help

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