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The Orion Codex: Stellar Code™ Orion

The Orion Codex: Stellar Code™ Orion

Stellar Code™ Orion

The Guardians of the Hall of Records

The familiar winter constellation Orion the Hunter can be seen rising in the evening sky during Sagittarius, marking the approach of winter, no matter what the weather is like, to the Northern Hemisphere. Orion is one of the most recognizable constellations and has been a primary stellar force in many ancient cultures.

Orion includes the prominent asterism known as the Belt of Orion: three bright stars in a row. Surrounding the belt at roughly similar distances are four bright stars, which are considered to represent the outline of the hunter's body. Mintaka, Alnilam and Alnitak are the three second magnitude stars situated on the "belt" or "girdle" of Orion.

These three stars are said to be identified with the Three Wise Men. They represent the way of manifestation and acceptance of Christ energies on the planet earth. They are also identified as the cosmic memorial repository of information of this section of the universe.

The ancient peoples believed that the actual location of the Akashic Records Repository was situated among the stars, found in the constellation of the Orion Belt.

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These records exist on a higher vibrational string than the Collective Mind, and can actually infuse themselves through the first, second and third planes of the classic astral plane model.

The Akashic Records are, in essence, the repository, or collective storage, of all human experiences and provides a general record for all that is.  We may even say that the Akashic Records are the equivalent to a cosmic or collective consciousness.  All the information found within the Records, however, is not stored on books or in scrolls, but exist as an energetic registry. The Hall is commonly misunderstood as a literal "place" but is, indeed, a metaphor.  Through vibration and different styles of frequencies, these energetic registries can, and do, translate their data through various methods such as certain images, forma, archetypes, symbols, and all sorts of languages understandable to the human mind.

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