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The Balance of the Emotional Body

The Balance of the Emotional Body

emotional body

The Balance of the Emotional Body

The Emotional Body is one of the many subtle bodies we have along with our physical body, making us multidimensional beings. The Emotional Body is also called the Astral Body and is the frame in which all our emotions, feelings and sentiments are stored.

In the same way that our body is composed of many cells, each of them working independently, forming organs, they together ensure the proper functioning of all our physical system; we humans are like cells in the body of the ALL THAT IS.

Mother Earth, our planet, is living a being and all of us can regard ourselves as "her children"; but in an another perspective, all of us can look like cells of her body, which constituent elements of a larger Planetary Body on many different levels.
Emotional Body

The mother feeds them all, as the main body with its energies full powering the cells. It is for the benefit of the All That Is, for us to continue our quest to be who we are - without being haunted by the past, without being conditioning in our decisions for reasons other than the greater good of all. To accomplish this, we need to keep our Emotional Body clean.

Of all the dimensions that may have our being: the spiritual, celestial, etheric, astral, emotional, mental, physical; the physical layer is the densest. But it is the framework that is closely linked to all other aspects of our multidimensionality - forming, so to speak, the anchor for all the other subtle dimensions that exist within us.

Our Emotional Body, besides being an energetic dimension that surrounds us, actively influences all our body cells. Each cell is a body within the body, with a memory of its own, in which may also store emotional experiences, along with impressions and sensations of an empathic nature. Most experiences have been accumulated throughout lifetimes, through the involvement of the Ego through the experience of living

As a framework registry, the Astral Body sometimes will keep a memory of an emotional or even traumatic event, which the personality was not able to digest or deal directly with the situation at the time, thus creating a scar or an emotional implant.

The cleansing and balance of our Emotional Body, or emotional cleansing, is the process in which we will release layers of our emotional blocks, transmuting dense energies of anger, shame and guilt; and substituting each layer with compassion, healing, and forgiveness.

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These layers are pressed and sealed in our Emotional Body until they are released, or when they come to surface, triggered by a situation or a deliberated action born of the conflicts of everyday life. At this point, we become aware of them.

Our physical bodies have different places where different vibrations of emotions are "stored."

Some examples of these places on the emotional body are:

  • The Liver: This usually stores anger and frustration.
  • The Kidneys: These are preferential loading place for sadness, the feeling of being misunderstood, and not being able to express oneself in human relationships.
  • The Lungs: Here is where most of our fears manifest themselves; the fear of life, being afraid to live, being afraid to be who you are, fear of not having enough, the feeling of not being good enough, etc.
  • Both Knees: Along with our feet, the knees represent a support system of our life. Examples include being afraid to walk your path, where you have flexibility issues and the fact of helping others more than ourselves.

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