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Emotional Implants

Emotional Implants

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What are Emotional Implants?

The Importance of Cleaning the Subtle Bodies

Emotional implants can be a big problem in regards to the natural flow of energy on our energetic template. Keeping our subtle bodies clean is paramount for the flow of our vital energy. The assembly of these bodies composes what we call our Energetic, or Auric, Field.   Our Energetic Field feeds on vital energy.  This vital energy is called Prana, or Qi or Chi, and feeds certain corridors of power that exist in and nourishes these subtle bodies.

"The voice of our original self is often muffled, overwhelmed, even strangled, by the voices of other people’s expectations."
~Julia Cameron

The cleaning of the chakras, or centers of emanation and centrifugal energy, is of fundamental importance to metabolize these correctly.  With the Light that passes through them, with the flow through the magnetic axis, it feeds every cell in the body. The specific cleaning the Emotional Body is essential in order not to accumulate dark energy that can produce psychosomatic dis-easies.

Before we can heal ourselves, we must first be true to ourselves. The energy of emotional purification will help you forgive yourself for making choices that you did not fully understand at the time. From the moment you are free of regret or sorry for yourself, you can begin to heal, and then will automatically heal everyone around you with radiant unconditional love.

The blockages we often encounter around our Auric field can be called implants, or seeded attitudinal conducts, thoughts and behaviors.

Emotional implants can be of various natures, from implants that represent collective karmic patterns that have been externally imposed through social conditioning and expectations, to ones of personal nature of different life conditions and experiences that we are not emotionally mature enough to process and heal. Some implants, however, can be acquired through your genetic bloodline.

Emotional- Implants_Humanityhealing

Emotional implants and Karma:

Some of these implants are the karma of our soul that we carry from one incarnation to another. Once incarnated on this 3D planet, the implants are activated, and they will continue with the battles of duality, or the Game of Shadows and Light.

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Emotional implants can be assimilated in different ways, from many different timelines, locations, and situations. There are many different types of implants as they have different purposes.

The last manner in which an implant can be integrated is through associations with different spiritual organizations of a negative nature. On the astral plane, these organizations create an Egregore. This includes any civil, social, or religious institution, and also cults that use mind control and fear to strengthen control over its members. They produce and perpetuate a “monolithic vibration”, as a standard energy signature, that overrules the manifestation of diversity proper of Human nature. Many of these vows of fidelity and service remain until consciously revoked. This is energy that needs to be transmuted.

The clearing of Emotional implants from our emotional body is a sensitive process that takes us all from the dualistic timeline of a 3D perspective to multidimensional perspective, to a point where we can safely transmute the emotion and release them away from our physical and emotional levels.  How can we begin to "cleanse" the emotional charge that conditions us? A more direct approach would be to look inward with sincerity and recognize the energetic knots that are indirectly and directly preventing us from achieving our best, as programmed before this human experience.

After the procedure, you will feel your body become able to sustain higher energy levels. These embedded programs, which can be tiny energy-dense patterns stored in many energy centers of the body and which are passed on for generations without end, block and make challenging the expansion and upgrade of the level of experience we can gather through the manifestation of our Divine Purpose.

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  • Thank you for the self-empowering approach!! Refreshing and rewarding. Let’s imagine my world for the whole world. We each are empowered and bring that to our daily walk of life. We exchange this with one another –to each person we encounter in our day because our empowerment comes from our hearts while we walk our earth path within The Pure Light of the Absolute–Love. Now, let’s imagine that world where everyone lives from this place and each person you pass along your daily path feels the empowered energy of Love shared between them…that’s my world, and It IS real. really, really!! And, we get to feel every emotion, we just take the less enjoyable ones to our hearts also and process from there. Easy? No, Rewarding? Yes. Just like my process with Emotional Implants. That is what Earth School is to me–fun, joy, work, gratitude, love, peace!! Thank you for this gift of cleansing in a self-empowering way. It was a process for me because I have been (before your article) one who is more comfortable with the ‘check list’ of a process or personal guidance so I know I passed the test or was a ‘good girl’. No more!! Self-empowered–watch out!! Let’s keep having fun like this. My Spirit is so very happy right now. Love and more love…Kathy

  • So what is the actual procedure? I can only see this: A more direct approach would be to look inward with sincerity and recognize the energetic knots that are indirectly and directly preventing us from achieving our best, as programmed before this earthly experience.

    So the procedure is simply to ‘look inward with sincerity and recognize the energetic knots’????

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