Ancestral Healing, Part 4

Through the analysis of the complexity of our human bodies, we realize that we cannot reduce anyone’s lives based solely on labels and pre-judgmental concepts. We are an intricate creation on various levels.  We were made in such an elaborate way to suit the needs of learning and apprehension of knowledge in various levels of consciousness.

Like an expensive piece of equipment, our physical and extra-physical bodies are “wired” to respond to external and internal stimuli, and to register these experiences and absorb the quantum of information that is derived by these events.

As we have mentioned before, Ancestral Healing is an important step on the path of liberation from the Wheel of Karma, and considerably reduces the creation of the “bubble worlds” known as Samsara:  worlds, perceptions or events that through the continuous and random drift of passions, desires, emotions and experiences may collide with our original Soul design and set it adrift.

The Stellar Codes are a system of self-realization, self-initiation and self-ascension. Through the assistance of these Light Codes, one is able to realign their inner power with will and intention, activate the Trine Flame of the Heart, and increase the capabilities to assimilate the Divine Light of Christ-consciousness in all its vibrations and frequencies.

As one progresses on the awakening path of self-realization, one finds oneself inevitably changing the patterning of their DNA, and expanding its horizons though different realities.  It is at this point that many blockages start to arise and many awkward feelings begin to manifest. It is a call for a cleansing process that we refer to, from the healer’s point of view, as a “healing crisis”.

The dormant memories or patterns imprinted on our physical and etheric bodies come alive and we have the full realization of a responsibility with all that is, translated through the awareness of our ancestral accomplishments. The assimilation of this ancestral signature greatly adds to our Energetic Matrix completion and upgrade.

The Light Syllables of the Stellar Codes open the possibility and the internal Lightgates to facilitate the Healing, through the many dimensions and layers of our genealogic line. Thus the amplification of the Healing is assisted by powerful streams of energies that come from the awakening of our Internal Divine Stars.

We acknowledge that the process of assimilation and Healing of the genealogic lineage can be done and has been done through the centuries by many different cultures, religions and schools of wisdom. Its manifestations have been seen through the ritual of baptism; and  even the Apostle Paul in his writings recommends the baptism of the dead as one of the desirable merciful Acts of  the Spirit, as a cleansing and ritual to guarantee the Absolution of one’s ancestors and the consequent alignment of the Dharmic Line.

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