Once upon a time, the Taoist Master Chuang Tzu dreamed he was a butterfly flying joyfully everywhere. In his dream, he had no conscious awareness of his individuality as a separate entity with the entire Universe. He really was a butterfly. Suddenly, he woke up and found himself lying alone as a person again. He thought with himself;

“Was I a man that dreamed to be a butterfly before, or am I a butterfly that is dreaming to be a man?”



Another story tells us that Master Takuan was on his death bed. A very devoted disciple came to the beloved master and asked:

Master, what would be your legacy to this world?

Takuan answered him that he did not have any legacy in the world.

But the Disciple insisted again asking: “Master don’t you have anything to say?”

After long moments, the Master finally answers:

Life is nothing more than just a dream

In saying this, The Master expired.

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