The Double Sighting: Crisis and Lessons of the Master of Time

janusWhenever the symbolism of Janus relates to time, between the past (which is no longer- and we can named “the before”) and the future (which is not yet- or “what is to be”), the true face of Janus, that which looks at the present and is supposed to face us, is not shown; it is neither one nor the other of the two faces we can see. This third face is, in fact, invisible because the present, in its temporal manifestation, is but an intangible and imperceptible instant. This is also why certain languages, such as Hebrew and Arabic, do not have present tense verbs.

The reasoning behind that is that in Ageless Traditions, God could not create and be the creation at the same time, because on the worlds of duality, the frame is too restrictive to contain all the splendor and might of the Almighty. For this reason, we say that God cannot be restricted by the one dimension of time.  In our plane of existence, our three dimensional reality is composed of three dimensions of space and a fourth that superimposes itself, the ONE dimension of time.  God is timeless; his dimension is not even understandable through the realms of eternal, but only through the dominions of the Everlasting.

In many of the Roman forums temples were built to Janus, which had four portals called Janus (Yanus) Quadrifons and most gates of Roman cities had a representation of the faces of Janus.

In mythology, one of the faces of Janus spoke the truth while the other lied, thus confusing the person's time to make an important choice that could bring major consequences.  This shows the duality of Janus and his role as God of manifested beginnings. Some traditions believe that Janus also embodied the chaos, both exterior and interior.

The Reality of Timelines

Timelines are often used in an educational environment to help students and researchers with understanding of events and trends for a particular subject. They are mostly used to show periods of time between two events.

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