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Prayer of the Reiki Practitioner

Prayer of the Reiki Practitioner

Prayer of the Reiki PractitionerGod, my God

Source of everything created and uncreated, I offer you my hands as vehicles for your Healing.Let them be reflection of your Light, to dissipate darkness.Allow them to be at your service, on your eternal work of Love.

Lord, my God

I offer you my humble presence, To be the comforter and the reliever,As I recognize myself as part of your unlimited source of goodness and Healing;I consciously request the right to be reconnected with the Universal Life Force.

I offer you my silence in respect of all the vibrations that bring harmony and curative energies into manifestation;I offer my words as an alchemical balm to distressed hearts, May my words only be used to build, comfort and to Heal.

God my God,

Strengthen my intentions and purpose, when walking this path with the selfless determination; To spread joy, to respectfully connect with the hearts and souls of others, To restore hope on rebuilding lives;

Lord, my God

Allow me to follow the 5 Divine Principles of Reiki,And become an active part of your web of Light;I now open my heart as the sanctuary of your Grace.
And So It Is. And thank you God.

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